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Anything That Kills Consistency Isn’t Worth Doing

November 20, 2021

Throw-back blog (circa 2009) from QT2 Founder Jesse Kropelnicki on why training too hard kills consistency and leads to injury and impedes long-term performance.

Workout of the Month - Six Exercises for Strong Glutes

November 08, 2021

QT2 Systems Coach, Physical Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Jennie Hansen takes you through six exercises focused on recruiting and strengthening your glutes.

What Should I Do in the Off-Season to Improve My Swim

November 02, 2021

This time of year, the question on many triathletes' minds is "what's next"?  The off-season is a time to focus on limiters, and for many triathletes, that means time in the pool.  The excitement and enthusiasm of new goals to be achieved and the commitment to maximizing improvement, can lead us to plunging deep into the water with a mindset of “more is better.”  Not that this is bad, but it all depends on the what the definition of “more” is.  More lengths of the pool will not necessarily get you the results you are looking for; however, more focus on mindful swimming will go a long way towards helping you improve your swim.

Jesse Kropelnicki Kona 2007 Race Report

October 19, 2021

It's October, and in the world of triathlon, that usually means it's all about Kona.  Since we don't have any real time race reports, we thought it would be fun to revisit QT2 Founder Jesse Kropelnicki's first trip to the Big Island.

Workout of the Month - TRX Core

October 11, 2021

Looking for a new challenge?  Try this fun TRX Core workout with Coach Reem Jishi.

Run-Specific Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

October 04, 2021

Hello runners!  Let’s talk about dynamic warm-up exercises.  Before we get into the details, let me ask you - how do you warm-up before a run?  Do you walk out the door and start running?  Guilty - right?  In our crazy lives, we are often time pressed and the warm-up seems like the easy thing to let go.  But hopefully, you’ll see that spending the time to do a warm-up is well worth it.  

Athlete Spotlight - Bob Richter

September 27, 2021

Meet QT2 Athlete Bob Richter coached by Karen Allen-Turner.

Mountain Biking for the Curious Triathlete

September 20, 2021

As summer draws to a close, we’re getting close to that annual “off season” we triathletes partake in each fall and winter. It’s the time of year for dabbling in a new sport and flexing different muscles that we don’t have time to use when the weekly schedule is consumed by swim, bike, and run. Mountain biking can be the perfect sport for the offseason because it allows you to spend time off the roads with the added bonus of improving the (dreaded) triathlete bike handling skills.


September 06, 2021

OutRival Racing Coach Courtney Kutler walks you through the essentials for race day preparation.  This is the third in a three part series.

Workout of the Month - 5 Mobile Moves For Injury Prevention

August 23, 2021

OutRival Racing Coach Dawn English takes you through five injury prevention exercises. These exercises can be done anywhere - all you need is a resistance band.