Cycling Rights, Responsibilities and an Action Plan

Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 07:00 PM
Cost: $20

Knowing the rules of the road is imperative to protecting yourself and ensuring many more years of riding.  But, if you or someone in your group is unfortunate enough to be in an accident, implementing the right plan protects you and your family.  Tim Tapply, QT2 athlete and attorney, will cover the Massachusetts riding laws, important insurance coverages that protect cyclists, and how to properly collect information if you or someone is in an accident.


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Tim Tapply has been a triathlete with QT2 from (literally) the beginning (2005) and has been fortunate to experience almost all levels of the sport. Tim understands what each and every athlete goes through (from the misery of hours of Zone 1 to gallons of applesauce) to be able to train and compete in this sport. With so much time, energy, and especially dedication to endurance sports; if an accident takes away a QT2 LLC athlete’s ability to train and compete – he knows how that impacts you physically and emotionally.  Tim and Brand & Tapply want to help.
There are plenty of good attorneys out there – but there are only very, very few who know what it means to be a dedicated triathlete, especially a QT2 athlete, and all the sacrifices and the glories that go along with that. Brand & Tapply is there as a resource and will be providing information and support on how you can, and should, protect yourself going forward.