Corrective Exercise Assessment: How to break plateaus and reach your full potential.

Date: December 05, 2018
Time: 07:00 PM
Cost: $20

This webinar will walk you through the stages and steps of a corrective exercise assessment. This assessment analyzes movement patterns in your body and provides an exercise prescription that is catered to your personal imbalances. This prescription can be used as a warmup or active recovery during a strength session. Tapping into these areas by creating mobility and lengthening tight muscles will enable you to break through plateaus of strength. Once the muscle can be utilized at full length we can begin to build strength into it. The webinar will cover the assessment, and a sample prescription with exercise videos. 


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Milly Wade West is a QT2 Level 1, USAT certified coach that also carries NASM-CPT credentials. She is a multiple time Ironman finisher and qualified and competed in Kona in 2018.