Beth Peterson

QT2/Core Diet Dietitian


Registered Dietitian Name: Beth Peterson

Instagram: @imbethpeterson

Hometown: North Easton, MA

Where Beth Grew Up: Pittsburgh, PA

Education: BS Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University; currently working towards an MS in Nutritional Sciences from Arizona State University 

Dietitian Experience: Beth has now been a registered dietitian for over 20 years, and in many different capacities - clinically, in wellness, and with athletes. Although the focuses are a bit different each time, the goal is the same - to help people live, feel, and perform better through solid nutrition and fueling.

Athletic Highlights: Beth grew up as a runner and competed in cross country and track throughout high school, and then for Penn State. After college, like most injured runners, Beth turned to triathlon, expecting to do one or two sprints for fun, and then get back to running full time. More than 15 years later, seven of which were spent racing professionally, Beth still at the triathlon thing. She had taken time away from IRONMAN to do ultra run races (those are hard), mountain bike racing, and even some off-road triathlons. Ultimately IRONMAN lured Beth back in. Now as an older, slower age grouper, Beth still enjoys the grind of the training and lifestyle.

Hobbies: Eating pizza? Swim/bike/run takes enough time...

Why work with The Core Diet: Beth's first experience with the Core Diet was as an athlete. The approach to race fueling made SUCH a big difference for her, that she jumped at the opportunity to be on the other end of the nutrition education, when it was offered. The attention to detail and the science-based approach to fueling is really second to none.

Favorite Quote: “Courage, dear heart.”  

                                    - C.S. Lewis 

Credentials: Registered Dietitian