Florida PRO Training Camp

What does it mean to be a PRO triathlete? There is no job description handed to you when you get that PRO card. At QT2 when an athlete gets "the card" that is simply the first step they take toward being a PRO. They must now understand their job description. We teach our athletes what it takes to really be a PRO, day in and day out - the sacrifices that it takes.  A lot of the success the QT2 coaching group has experienced is tied to this concept. Being a PRO means executing all of the details that come with making a profession out of being a triathlete. This includes incredible attention to detail, across many areas like nutrition - day to day nutrition, getting in nutrient dense foods that promote recovery, controlling emotions, self-myofascial release, optimal fueling based on the athletes’ individual sweat rates and fueling needs, committing to a lifestyle that allows for adequate recovery and sleep, and always keeping a balanced stress budget - recovery and restoration activities must be commensurate with the amount of training stress and other life stress. These are just a few of the things that are a part of the unofficial job description of being a PRO triathlete.

Another very important aspect of being a PRO is the ability to handle adversity – adversity comes in many forms. On race day there is always adversity, whether it’s dropped nutrition or a crash or a mechanical – how the athlete handles this, mentally, is always key to their success on race day. Being able to stay calm and collected when things go wrong takes practice.

What head coach Jesse Kropelnicki has to say about the camp, "This camp was created for PROs, to develop their talent within a group squad environment. The camp runs for 17 days each year, beginning on February 13th this year, and will utilize Clermont's renowned National Training Center. The camp has been scheduled for the early season to allow PROs the opportunity to prepare for early season racing, in weather conditions that they are likely to experience on race day. All athletes have strengths, physically and mentally, that they can share with their peers. That's the purpose and focus of this camp, to advance the ability of QT2 athletes to operate as true professionals, not simply fast athletes with PRO licenses." Coach Jesse plans to run this PRO camp each year in February along with another camp in the fall in the Woodlands just outside of Houston, Texas in order to continue to foster the importance of face-to-face contact with his athletes and have them benefit from the squad atmosphere.

If you have a professional license, and are a QT2 athlete, you are internally invited to this camp each year free of charge.  If you are a PRO outside of the QT2 umbrella, we accept two athletes each year who would like to participate in this unique opportunity.  Please contact us if you are interested!