Effective Use Of The QT2 Restoration Matrix

Date: June 02, 2014
Time: 08:00 PM
Cost: $20

This webinar will discuss how to fully utilize QT2's Restoration Matrix. This tool has been developed for use at our PRO training camps, to ensure that athletes are able to fully recover from, and for, extremely demanding training loads.  The tool is also applicable to the age grouper, whose demands, while different, are just as, if not more, stressful.  Ensure that you are making the most of your recovery time.  Join us!

What You Will Learn:

(1) An introduction to the QT2 Restoration Matrix. (2) Why each component of the matrix is important, and how it enhances recovery, and therefore, performance. (3) How to use the Restoration Matrix, in your own day-to-day life.


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About the presenter:

Tara Rasch is a QT2 Level III triathlon coach with QT2 Systems. She focuses on helping her athletes to reach consistency and their true potential in training and racing, utilizing QT2's proven training, racing, pacing, and fueling protocols.