Mental Training For Sport: The Next Frontier To Maximizing Athletic Performance

Date: January 17, 2017
Time: 07:30 PM
Cost: $20


You had few race builds where you followed your triathlon training program, CRUSHED your training goals, had a great taper, recovered well, nutrition was nailed, but when race day came, you fell apart.  What happened?  Most us us think we have crossed our T’s and dotted our i’s for training and race prep, but have we?  Maximizing athletic performance in triathlon is much more than swimming, biking and running.   A forth discipline, called mental training, must be trained on a consistent basis alongside the physical training.  Join us in this webinar to learn how to take our performance to the next level with mental training techniques that will prep the mind for a good race day.  Join us!

What You Will Learn:

(1) What is mental fitness/training, (2) What is your mental fitness personality type,  (3) How can we improve our mental fitness, etc… (4) What are the key mental skills that the US Olympic Committee deems necessary to develop as athletes, (5) How can we develop these areas, (6) The extent of the mental training services that we offer.


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Amy Javens is a USAT Level 1 and QT2 Level 2 Certified Coach, and has been coaching for QT2 since 2014.  She has also been racing triathlon for 12 years, professionally since 2013, and has been coached within the QT2 system for 5 years.  As an athlete, Amy has worked with sport psychology to help her with her own training/racing and has used mental training exercises with her athletes to help them achieve success.  In addition, her authentic life experiences of being an athlete, coach, educator, and mother, etc… have helped her build mental grit and she strives to help her athletes find theirs.  Amy welcomes you to join her, as she hopes to help you find your “mental grit."