QT2 Coaches

Milly Wade-West

QT2 Level 1 Coach


Milly was inspired by the health industry at a young age. After being diagnosed with ADHD and having complications with standard medicine she began running before school and turned to a holistic diet to manage her symptoms. She began working at an athletic training center in high school where her passion for strength, power and plyometric training developed. She became a NASM CPT and began working as a personal trainer while pursuing her masters in exercise science. 

While getting her bachelors in biology and psychology from University of Denver, Milly became passionate about hiking 14ers, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and all things with outdoor adventure. Before moving to Connecticut for graduate school she took her first road bike ride up Mt. Evans, a 14,000ft mountain. This started her passion for road cycling, which was good cross training for her competitive running goals.  

Triathlon came about when a friend asked her to join him at Syracuse 70.3, which she vastly underestimated. She finished 2nd in her age group and decided to fulfill a dream of doing a full Ironman in Florida that fall. Since then she has done 8 full Ironmans at a Gold all world athlete level and qualified for Kona at Ironman Maryland 2017. She is coached by Vinny aka Silky Johnson. 

Throughout her triathlon journey Milly has taken her knowledge of the scientific side of sport, the psychology of the mind and a passion to help people reach their own personal growth. Her coaching mantra is “Strengthen your weakness to fully exploit your strengths to uncover a passion for health, performance and a greater quality of life.” 

Coach Level: QT2 Level 1 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level 1 Coach, NASM-CPT
Years With QT2: 2
Years Racing Triathlon: 9