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May 2011

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QT2 Shines @ SJ 70.3

Organic Eating!

10 Sec. With Mary Eggers

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The CoreDiet Partners With Train-This Coaching Group!

The CoreDiet is excited to announce a partenership with Train-This Multisport Coaching providing a nutrition component to ther existing training programs. If you are a coaching group looking to add nutrition to your list of services, we can help! Contact us at services@qt2systems.com.

QT2 Race Report!

QT2 Elite Team Member, Ted MacMahon, knows a thing or two about racing and started his season off great at San Juan 70.3. Read Teds Adventurous Race Report HERE!

QT2 Shines At Hyannis Half Marathon & San Juan 70.3

The first two QT2 Team races were a huge success! Click here for a the Hyannis report, and here for the San Juan report. Both include full QT2 results!

QT2 Inaugural Training Camp in Clermont, FL A Success!

20+ QT2 athletes traveled to Clermont, FL to train at the National Training Center and get in some high quality bike run volume in and around Clermont. Click here for a full report and some pictures. QT2 is currently accepting registration for its August Training Camp in Ludlow, VT. Details here.



Check out our VCoach training service at just $55/4 weeks. this is a great way to check out QT2! Details here.

One-on-One Coaching

QT2's 1-1 coaching service is still the best way for serious athletes to make progress, improve year after year. Find out how QT2 sent 13 athletes to Kona last year! Details here.

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Welcome to the Spring!

It hardly feels like Spring, here in New England, but QT2 is not waiting around! In this quarter's newsletter we'll showcase some of the races we've been to and the results we've laid down, interviews with coach Tim Snow and athlete Mary Eggers, as well as a recap of our inaugural FL training camp. 2011 is setting up to be a stellar season, and QT2 has hit the ground running!

QT2 Team Update

QT2 Team

The 2011 triathlon season is here, and the QT2 athletes are indeed ready to race! Watch out for 78 QT2 triathletes toeing the starting lines of your local races, and WTC sponsored events this season! Over the early winter months the QT2 team hit the local road race scene to stay race ready and put the first few months of training to the test. The Hyannis Half Marathon and 10K was the first team focus race of the season. QT2 had over 20 athletes racing! It was a typical New England February race with snow showers throughout the day. But, the weather did not stop the QT2 crew from putting out stellar half marathon and 10K performances. The MVR (Most Valuable Runner) shout out goes to Cait Snow for a 2 minute PR and again snagging the award for first overall female! *See the above photo for QT2 Elite Team at the front of the pack in Hyannis. After spending the winter months on the trainers, at Fast"Splits' Computrainer studio, QT2 headed south to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the 2011 season's first focus race. The people of San Juan hosted an amazing inaugural 70.3, capped off with a great post-race venue. We will definitely be heading back in 2012. What a way to start the tri season… 5 AG podiums, 3rd Female overall, and 4 athletes qualifying for Vegas 70.3 World Championships… we'll take it! The MVT (Most Valuable Triathlete) shout out goes to Keith Manning for taking 1st place in his AG (M50-54)!

Core Diet Tip of the Month

Spring is here and the temperatures are not the only thing rising! As the weather gets warmer, more fruits and vegetables will be consumed. While it is not necessary to eat 100% organic, I highly recommend choosing organic for the following "The Dirty Dozen" as they contain the highest levels of chemical and pesticide residues. (According to the Environmental Working Group.) These inlcude peaches, lettuce, imported grapes, pears, spinach, potatoes, cherries, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, and strawberries. Also try this! An all-natural "Veggie Wash" made with organic citrus safely removes waxes, chemicals and soil. No harmful chemicals! www.veggie-wash.com

Core Diet News

Triathlon Nutrition

QT2 Systems and The CoreDiet welcome another new addition to the staff - registered dietitian Amanda Cassell! Amanda has been a registered dietitian since 2002, after she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from Mississippi State University. She then completed her dietetic internship at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, MS. She is now working with QT2 and the Core Diet to combine her nutrition knowledge and her passion for triathlon and endurance sports. Amanda is also the president of the Mississippi Heat Triathlon Team, and has helped the team grow from a very small number to over 200 athletes.

Triathlon Nutrition

Beginning her training years ago with no background in swimming or biking, when she first started triathlon, she enjoys watching the passion grow in others as they train for their first triathlon! She has also learned over the years how important nutrition is to peak performance. Amanda has become an accomplished athlete over the past five years, with over 12 marathon finishes, including the Boston and New York City Marathons. Amanda is a 2 x Ironman, having competed at Ironman Florida in 2008 and Ironman Canada in 2010.

Coaches Corner - Tim Snow

Ironman Coach

Tim Snow is a Pro/Elite triathlete and QT2 Coach who has been on the racing circuit for quite some time, and holds some pretty impressive results, including a 5th overall finish at IMLP in 2010! Racing since 1998, Tim has completed 26 Ironman distance triathlons. As a coach with QT2 Systems he focuses on helping 1-1 athletes reach their athletic goals, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of QT2's Mission Plan program.

Q: How would you describe your coaching philosophy?

A: Training progress is the result of commitment and hard-work. Set sensible goals, based upon what you can do, not what you WANT to do. For your training to be truly effective, you must be selfish with it. Train according to what is appropriate for you, not others. "Do what's good for you, or you're no good to anyone...."

Q: How did you get involved as a QT2 coach athlete?

A: I won a bet. Payment was a race fueling plan. In the process I actually listened to what Jesse had to say, and realized that he actually knew what he was talking about. At the very least, if he didn't know what he was talking about, he knew more than I did. I started to see the quantitative aspect of what he was doing, and being a numbers guy, I liked it. And that was all she wrote. I haven't had a moment of free time since...

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge amongst the athletes you coach?

A: Everybody has their own personal challenges. Myself included. The biggest that I see is probably the athlete who is trying to squeeze too much into their lives. Between work, family, friends, training, and racing, there is little time for recovery. Triathletes are big believers in "more is better", and this is true, if and only if it can fit into a well-balanced life that allows for recovery from training. Athletes are better off training a bit less, and recovering well, than slogging through workouts day after day, without adequate recovery. We type-A's take a while to absorb this idea.

Q: Name one of your proudest coaching moments.

A: Any time that an athlete meets their goals, regardless of what they are, I am pretty proud. But, at the San Juan 70.3 one of my athletes won his age group. I wasn't quite as proud of the win as I was in the way that he managed the day. There were a couple of times during the race, when he encountered some issues that could have derailed his day. But, he was able to keep his head about him and minimize any adverse effects. THAT is the difference between meeting your goals, and not! In the past, this has been an area of struggle for him. It was great to see him overcome this, and realize the difference that it can make.

Q: I know you have a range of professional interests - is coaching your main gig?

A: It is one of my main gigs. I am also a high school math teacher, with the Boston Public Schools.

Q: As a professional triathlete, do you apply your coaching philosophies to your own training?

A: Of course! What makes me any different?

Q: What is on your race schedule this year? What race(s) are you most looking forward to?

A: Disney 70.3, Mooseman 70.3, IMCDA, IMLP, and then we shall see. Maybe another IM at the end of the summer, or perhaps a race in the fall (IMFL, IMAZ, or IMCOZ). I am most looking forward to IMCDA and IMLP, as they are two of my favorites. Assuming that Cait qualifies for Kona, I am most looking forward to seeing what she can do this year. She has been making some great progress, and is doing some serious training. Unlike much of her potential competition, her racing schedule is very sensible, and allows plenty of opportunity for training. In that respect, I think that she could get to Kona very much ahead of the game, and in a good position to do some damage.

10 Seconds in Transition with Mary Eggers

Ironman Athlete

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I am a 37 year old mom, RN, triathlete, 6 time IM finisher, 3 X Kona qualifier, former collegiate swimmer!

Q: How long have you been on the QT2 team, and who is your coach?

A: 2 years and Jesse is my coach!

Q: Favorite QT2 workout?

A: BST on the bike: I call them Bust your guts because they give you the chance to go all out and really allow you to set your own measuring stick! Keep a bucket on the ground nearby.

Q: Tell us about a time in a race or training that you worked through a difficulty?

A: I puked my guts out at Ironman Florida 2011. During that it was freezing, and everyone kept offering me rides back to the start..... it was so tempting to get in a car and call it a day. I kept hearing Jesse's voice in my head "KEEP YOUR HEART RATE UP" so I walked as hard as I could and finished. It was not my best finish, but it was my most proud finish.

Q: What is your favorite race? What is your dream race (race you would love to do)?

A: Favorite race: Ironman Florida. Dream Race: Ironman Canada.

Q: Do we dare ask? What is your favorite post workout treat??

A: After every Ironman I eat a bag of cool ranch doritos. This happens once a year and is by far the best thing I eat every 365 days!!!!!!!!

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