About Our Administration

Without our administration, QT2 and the QT2 triathlon team would be impossible. In choosing our staff in this area, we tried to have folks that have experience in triathlon and/or the triathlon industry. This prerequisite gives our staff an understanding of our clients' lifestyle and an overall involvement in our activities:

  • Jesse Kropelnicki: Jesse is the founder and managing director at QT2 Systems, The Core Diet, Your 26.2, as well as the triathloncalculator.com; a free Internet based service used by thousands each month to predict race times. He has been involved in the sport of triathlon since 1998 as a coach and athlete. Jesse is certified by USA Triathlon as a Level II Triathlon Coach, by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and by the American College of Sport Medicine as a personal trainer. His passion for the sport of triathlon, education as an engineer, years of business and management in the engineering field, combined with his understanding of the needs of elite athletes, make him well suited to be the backbone of QT2's management.
  • Mary Miller: Mary is our marketing and sponsorship director at QT2 systems and has been involved in triathlon for over 6 years as an elite professional athlete, spending most of her time in Boulder, CO. She has over 10 years experience in the marketing / advertising / sports marketing industry working with brands like Volkswagen, Zest, Teva Mountain Games, BX Running, WattieInk, Ironman, and Rev3. She specializes in working with people who don't just work to work- they create, they start conversations, they weave products into culture, & they give life to new behaviors. She has a comprehensive background integrating her athletic & business experience. Mary has a BS in Marketing & brings forth her expertise to QT2's growing brand and triathlon team.
  • Kevin McIntyre: Kevin is a member of the QT2 advanced triathlon team and has been involved in triathlons for the past 5 years. Under the coaching of QT2, Kevin completed his first IM in Utah and ran his first marathon in the masters AG in sub 3 hours. With over 25 years of experience in the field of accounting & finance, Kevin is well suited to assist QT2 Systems as they emerge into a nationwide, premier coaching and nutrition counseling organization. As a certified CPA, Kevin has a BS in Accounting from Fairfield University.
  • Christine Kropelnicki: Christine is a member of the QT2 advanced triathlon team & has been involved in triathlon for the past 4 years as an athlete and coach. She has a Bachelor's degree in Cardiovascular Science and is currently in the process of a Master's degree in Nutrition Science, which she will use to assist QT2 clients in that area. Christine is also certified as a Level I triathlon coach and acts as the communication gateway for the QT2 triathlon team as Team Manager.
  • Charlie Abrahams: Charlie is the QT2 social media director and has been involved in triathlon for over 20 years racing at all distances. He has shown his true passion in the area of social media through his personal Twitter and Facebook feeds along with the work he has done with real estate and endurance sport blogging such as Tridigest.com. with these qualities, Charlie is a perfect fit for QT2's already strong online presence.
  • Caron MacDonald: Caron manages and distributes QT2, ORR, and Your 26.2 apparel.  She also acts as a day to day assistant to Jesse Kropelnicki.  Caron went to UMASS Amherst and achieved an associates degree in equine industries, completed an apprenticeship under equine Olympians and has managed many successful boarding/training facilities with 20+ horses.  She has also competed in many A rated sanctioned horse events and done a few local 5k's!

Jesse Kropelnicki

QT2 Founder & Managing Director

Master's of Science in Engineering

USAT Level III Coach

Mary Miller

QT2 Marketing & Sponsorship Director

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
USAT Pro/Elite

Kevin McIntyre

QT2 Financial Director

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Certified CPA

Christine Kropelnicki

QT2 Team Manager

Bachelor's Degree in Cardiovascular Science

USAT Level I Coach

Charlie Abrahams

Social Media Director

USAT Level I Coach

Caron MacDonald

Assistant & Apparel Manager

Associates Degree

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