QT2 Athletes Shine: Kicking Off 2013 at Ironman Texas 70.3!

April 09, 2013

This past Sunday, April 7th, 2013 in Galveston, TX 37 QT2 athletes lined up to take part in the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas. That’s up from just over 20 QT2’ers in 2012. Based on how well QT2 Systems athletes performed during 2012 the coaching staff knows it will be tough to duplicate those successes in 2013. Yet, Galveston proved we can do it again in 2013!

The conditions were much better than in 2012 despite the strong sun. Hot and breezy conditions were replaced with milder temps (mid 70’s) and a slight breeze; pretty much ideal conditions to race 70.3 miles in Texas.  If you consider that many of our QT2 athletes live in colder climates, without the ability to get in many outdoor miles on the bike prior to race day this early in the season, the results that were compiled on Sunday were simply that much more impressive. In addition, we once again debuted our brand new race kits for 2013 courtesy of Pearl Izumi!

For the professional women, QT2 Systems’ Caitlin Snow finished third. Her run time of 1:19:43 was almost 90-seconds faster than in 2012. Other QT2 Pro women included Jennie Hansen who came in 7th with the 4th fastest Pro women run split in 1:22:25, Stephanie Jones who came in 8th with the 4th fastest Pro women bike split in 2:23:18, and Pro Amanda Kourtz making her professional debut, and finishing 12th.

For the professional men the results were much the same. Pedro Gomes took 5th place overall with a time of 3:54:50 with Christopher Baird finishing just over two minutes back in 3:57:15, good for 7th place. Finishing just out of the top ten for the men were Darby Thomas in 13th at 4:01:56 and AJ Baucco in 4:05:11, good for 15th place.

In the age-group race, the women had eleven top-ten age-group finishes that included two overall category wins.  One by Amy Javens in 4:39:26, and another by Debi Bernardes in 5:09:47 (this was a win by 30 minutes!)  The woman also had two second, a fourth and fifth place finish! One second place finish, by Kaitlin Anelauskas in 4:36:20 included the second fastest swim and run for her age group, and the other by Brigitte Paulick in 4:42:52 was a 25 minute PR.

For the age-group men, the performances included eight top-10 finishes including third place for Rodney Scott (on his birthday no less), in the M35-39 division in 4:20:36. In addition, there were two fourth place finishes; Matt Curbeau in the M25-29 division in 4:09:48 and Jesse Kropelnicki in the M35-39 division just behind Rodney in 4:23:38.

As a team, QT2 Systems won the Level III Team award for the day that includes Tri Teams/Club with membership between 100-249 athletes!

Some other notable statistics worth mentioning were: In all (Pro & AG), there was 2 divisional wins, 11 top-5 finishers and 19 top-10 finishers. There were two times under 4:00 hours. Twelve times under 4:30 hours and twenty-four times under 5:00 hours!

Those receiving awards included:
Pedro Gomes – 3:54:50, 5th Pro Male
Matt Curbeau – 4:09:58, 4th Male 25-29
Cait Snow – 4:17:38, 3rd Pro Female
Rodney Scott – 4:20:36, 3rd Male 35-39
Jesse Kropelnicki – 4:23:38, 4th Male 35-39
Kaitlin Anelauskas – 4:36:20, 2nd Female 25-29
Amy Javens – 4:39:26, 1st Female 40-44
Brigitte Paulick – 4:42:52, 2nd Female 35-39
Kate Weiler – 4:59:54, 4th Female 30-34
Nicole Kretzer – 5:01:49, 5th Female 30-34
Debi Bernardes – 5:09:47 1st Female 55-59

As always, thanks again to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport:

Pearl Izumi, Quintana Roo, Normatec MVP, Powerbar, Fuelbelt, Fast:Splits Multisport, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, NuunWells Fargo AdvisorsSaltStick, SRM, Dr.SearsZone, Be Well Boston and Salmon Health & Retirement.

When all was said and done, QT2 had an amazing all-around day. Next Stop: Bassman Half Ironman on May 5, 2013. See you then!

QT2 Results - Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas
Pedro Gomes – 3:54:50, 5th Pro Male
Christopher Baird – 3:57:15, 7th Pro Male
Darby Thomas – 4:01:56
AJ Baucco – 4:05:11
Matt Curbeau - 4:09:58, 4th M25-29
Tim Snow – 4:16:35
Cait Snow – 4:17:38, 3rd Pro Female
Timothy Clarke - 4:19:26, 7th M30-34
Rodney Scott – 4:20:36, 3rd M35-39
Steven Quinn – 4:22:21, 9th M30-34
Jesse Kropelnicki – 4:23:38, 4th M35-39
Jennie Hansen – 4:23:51, 7th Pro Female
Stephanie Jones - 4:24:14, 8th Pro Female
Amanda Kourtz – 4:31:23
Joseph Redmond – 4:31:37
Brad Strater – 4:32:57
Kaitlin Anelauskas – 4:36:20, 2nd F25-29
Paul Mikuszewski – 4:38:20, 9th M40-44
Rudy Quinn – 4:38:30, 8th M18-24
Amy Javens – 4:39:26, 1st F40-44
Dean Haspela – 4:39:56
Ryan Oilar – 4:40:43
Brigitte Paulick – 4:42:52, 2nd F35-39
Tatiana Vertiz – 4:52:42
Stan Kroder – 4:57:55
Kate Weiler – 4:59:54, 4th F30-34
Nicole Kretzer – 5:01:49, 5th F30-34
Dave Strassburg – 5:03:11
Tara Rasch – 5:06:37, 10th F30-34
Debi Bernardes – 5:09:47 1st F55-59
James Harris - 5:11:34
Chris Kogut - 5:14:19
Jeff Rose - 5:17:22
Kevin Sullivan - 5:17:26
Tory Smith - 5:17:55
Katie Myszka - 5:23:59 *1st 70.3
Samantha Murphy - 5:32:00
Molly Zahr - 5:34:33
Mike Sgro - 6:36:10 *1st 70.3