Rev 3 Quassy Meant Podiums For QT2 Systems Athletes!

June 04, 2013

The 2013 REV3 Quassy Half Distance Triathlon was another day to remember for QT2 Systems athletes. With full sun, and temperatures feeling more like July and August, it was anybody’s guess as to how everyone would perform. However, QT2 athletes took the opportunity to shine!

In addition, if you’ve ever raced the Quassy course you know how tough it is. By far one of the more difficult races of that distance, as Quassy is known for relentless hills.

With over 40 QT2 athletes racing, there was quite a bit of baby blue out on the course, in both the professional and age group ranks.

In the men's professional race, QT2 Systems was well-represented by Chris Baird who finished in 4:10:36, Pedro Gomes, in 4:13:06, and Darby Thomas, just behind in 4:20:17.

The age-group athletes stole the show, representing practically every division on the podium.

For the men, Matt Curbeau captured the day, winning the overall amateur race in 4:24:43, by four minutes. Taking second place overall was another QT2 athlete, Jason Frank, in 4:28:35. Julian Underwood took first place in the M40-44 division in 4:36:29.

On the women's side, Bridget Paulik and Barbara Tardiff won the F35-39 and F55-59 divisions, respectively, in 5:11:37 and 6:12:49. Even faster was Kaitlin Anelauskas, who finished in in 4:57:19, good for second place F25-29, and 4th place woman amateur!

Overall QT2 Systems athletes tallied five age-group division wins, and two second-place finishes. There were also 13 top-5 and 17 top-10 finishes.

Simply outstanding results, and a true testament to how hard our athletes prepare, race, and recover leading up to a race like this.  Our outstanding partners also provide amazing products that our athletes embrace and fully utilize to produce results on race day, when it counts!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport:

Pearl Izumi, Quintana Roo, Normatec MVP, Powerbar, Fuelbelt, Fast:Splits Multisport, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, NuunWells Fargo AdvisorsSaltStick, SRM, Dr.SearsZone, Be Well Boston and Salmon Health & Retirement.

Those receiving awards included:
Matt Curbeau - 4:24:43, 1st AG Male, 1st Male 25-29
Jason Frank - 4:28:35, 2nd AG Male, 1st Male 30-34
Julian Underwood - 4:36:29, 1st Male 40-44
Kaitlin Anelauskas - 4:57:19, 4th AG Female, 2nd Female 25-29
Bridget Paulik - 5:11:37, 1st Female 35-39
Amy Javens - 5:13:19, 3rd Female 40-44
Keith Manning - 5:14:36, 2nd Male 50-54
Steve Soba - 5:45:08, 4th Clydesdale
Barbara Tardiff - 6:12:49, 1st Female 55-59 

Next Stop: Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, on June 23, 2013.See you then!

QT2 Results - Revolution 3 Quassy
Chris Baird - 4:10:36
Pedro Gomes – 4:13:06
Darby Thomas – 4:20:17
Matt Curbeau – 4:24:43, 1st Amateur Male, 1st M25-29
Jason Frank – 4:28:35, 2nd Amateur Male, 1st M30-34
Julian Underwood – 4:36:29, 1st M40-44 
Tim Snow – 4:40:50
John Spinney - 4:44:38, 4th M35-39
Jesse Kropelnicki – 4:45:13, 5th M35-39
John Dunbar – 4:47:38, 5th M40-44
Jesse Marquardt – 4:50:16, 7th M40-44
Brad Strater – 4:54:20, 8th M30-34
Jayson DeAngelis – 4:56:01 
Kaitlin Anelauskas – 4:57:19, 4th Amateur Female, 2nd F25-29
Zach Pratt – 5:01:07
David Miles – 5:01:52, 9th M25-29
Fred Horwood - 5:06:48, 4th M45-49
Kyle Strater – 5:07:43
Todd Hedges – 5:10:51
Bridget Paulik - 5:11:37, 1st F35-39
Amy Javens – 5:13:19, 3rd F40-44
Keith Manning – 5:14:36, 2nd M50-54
Kevin McIntyre – 5:26:13
Sam Farnsworth - 5:27:29, 10th M50-54
Tory Smith – 5:30:22
Rick Brown – 5:43:28
Steve Soba - 5:45:08, 4th Clydesdale
Ken Clebak – 5:48:00
Kevin Sullivan – 5:50:58
Bonnie Underwood – 5:56:39
Rob Strachan – 5:59:20
Lisa Goodkin – 6:00:59
Leslie Reap – 6:03:46 
Debi Caprio – 6:10:09
Barbara Tardiff – 6:12:49 1st F55-59
Amanda Kourtz - 6:17:09 *Mechanical
Melissa Labrie – 6:19:54
Deirdre Kolarick – 6:38:35
Ben Clark - 6:50:12
Sarah Rupprecht – 6:50:57
Scott Gaudet – 7:37:06