Race Fueling Plan & Consultation

The QT2 nutrition services utilize practical, easy to follow guidelines that are tailored to improve your performance. Whether you'd like to lose weight in order to gain speed for next season, or need a fueling plan for your next ironman, we can develop a plan to suit your needs. Nutrition is commonly over looked as a component to improve overall race performance. Don't make this mistake; get control of your nutrition with QT2 today.

Race Fueling Plan & Consultation - $215

An individualized plan will be created to specifically address your fueling needs during racing. If you have had cramping problems or fueling issues during your races, this option will be focused to resolve these issues. You and your coach will work together prior to your meeting to test and develop a practical race fueling protocol.

The Package Includes:

  • Initial, email correspondence and instruction for sweat testing
  • Race fueling package which addresses sodium, fluid, and carbohydrate needs for at least 3 race distances
  • Individualized race fueling plan for each race distance (provided in PDF format) includes minute-by-minute instructions on how to fuel race day. Runners or triathlete's!
  • In-person or phone consultation to discuss and go over your prepared individual fueling plan
  • All race fueling plans also include a carb load procedure the week of the race, and race breakfast for each race distance provided.

Note, QT2 Fueling Plans come free with our One-on-one Coaching Service!