QT2 Team Enrollment

QT2 Systems is accepting applications for it's 2022 Sponsored Triathlon Team NOW!

Team Benefits (included with membership fee):

  • Sponsor product & discounts (2021 included): QuintanaRoo, Wattie Ink, Klean Athlete, Blue Seventy, Hyperice (formally know as Normatec), Gatorade Endurance, Juice Performer, and many others!
  • 15% discount on all training camps.
  • Wattie Ink team race uniform, podium shirt, B70 swim cap, QT2 water bottle, and  hat or visor. Other products such as casual hats, custom jackets, extra bottles & socks provided at a 10% discount.
  • Bike kits provided at a discount dependent on the team that you are accepted to (Advanced, Age Group Elite, or PRO Elite).
  • Recognition as a team member on the QT2 website.
  • Access to cash race bonus program ($9,000 for the 2022 season). This is a performance AND key team event participation (camps & key races) based cash payout program for all team members.
  • Facebook team page.
  • Dedicated Team Manager to help provide sponsorship deals to team members, and coordinate team events.
  • Dedicated Sponsorship Director to coordinate with sponsors on team results and arrange partnerships.
  • Dedicated Social Media Director to help promote team members at races and to take/share photos at key events.
  • Media exposure via our media partners.
  • Individual custom sponsorship opportunities via QT2 team partners for top performing athletes.
  • Click HERE for our PRO athlete frequently asked questions page.
  • Click HERE for our Age Group athlete frequently asked questions page.

Team Commitments:

  • Complete a minimum of four (4) races during the 2021 season of at least Ironman, Half Ironman, and/or Olympic distance.
  • Act as ambassadors of the QT2 Systems brand, and the QT2 Racing Team.
  • Wear the QT2 Systems podium T-shirt to all awards ceremonies.
  • Race in the QT2 Systems official 2020 Race kit or 2021 Special Edition kit  If you are a PRO, you may race in another kit provided it includes the QT2 logo in a prominent location (you will NOT receive cash via the QT2 bonus program).
  • Social media 
  • Currently being coached by QT2 or in the process of starting a coaching program with us.

Enrollment Schedule:

There are two enrollment/application periods, based upon the team you are applying for. Please note what is required for submission to the QT2 Team by application.

  • PRO ELITE TEAM & AGE GROUP ELITE TEAM: Enrollment for CURRENT and PROSPECTIVE Elite & Age Group Elite Team members opens on September 13 2021 through team finalization on November 13, 2021. CURRENT and PROSPECTIVE team members should submit an application with your intent and race time qualification; no application is required other than race results (see below for criteria). If you are not accepted to the PRO Elite or Age Group Elite teams, you will automatically be placed on the Advanced Team.
  • ADVANCED TEAM: CURRENT and PROSPECTIVE Advanced Team members may enroll throughout the year. There are no due dates for these enrollments although the November 13, 2021 deadline would be the safest opportunity to get on the team. Please submit an application with your interest and commitment. If you are not accepted to the Elite or Age Group Elite Teams, you will automatically be placed on the Advanced Team.

Note: If you are interested in joining the team mid-season, please contact us! Spots may be available with limited sponsor benefits.

PRO Elite Team Description and Criteria:

The PRO Elite Team is for those QT2 coached athletes who have achieved top-level success in triathlon. For both men and women, this is defined by meeting the USA Triathlon Elite/PRO criteria within the past year. Alternatively, any athlete in possession of a current Pro/Elite license is automatically accepted, assuming fulfillment of the Team Commitments, listed above. In addition to those benefits mentioned above, all PRO Elite Team athletes receive a 10% discount on all QT2 coaching services, can utilize our industry relationships to garner individual, more comprehensive sponsorship packages, where appropriate, and receive top-level exposure to, and benefits from, the team's sponsors, including cash bonuses. The 2022 PRO Elite Team will have no cap on the number of members.

This is a submission based process (by submitting an application). Please include your qualifying criteria, as well as a direct link to online results if applicable.

Age Group Elite Team Description & Criteria:

The Age Group Elite Team is for those QT2 coached athletes who have dedicated themselves to achieving top-level age group success in triathlon. For both men and women, this is defined by two finishes, within the past year, that were within 8% of the first place finisher in your age group and gender, at any race with a prize purse totaling, or exceeding, $5,000 (all IRONMAN brand races count regardless of prize purse). This result must be achieved on the same course, and on the same day, as the age group winner (for these purposes, "winner" is defined as the first male and female finisher in your age group, as acknowledged by race management in the final race results). Alternatively, if you have qualified for the 70.3 World Championship or Ironman World Championship within the past 2 years, you will automatically be accepted.  All Age Group Elite Team athletes receive high level benefits from the team's sponsors. The intent of the age group elite team is to present talented male and female athletes across as many age groups as possible. The 2021 Age Group Elite Team will have no cap on its number of members.

This is a submission based process (by submitting an application). Please include your qualifying races, under the 8% rule, along with clearly identified times for you and the winner of your age group (please include AG winner's name), as well as a direct link to online results.

Advanced Team Description & Criteria:

The Advanced Team is for all QT2 coached athletes. This team has open enrollment throughout the year. Advanced Team members have access to the QT2 team forum and events throughout the year including race gatherings, race breakfasts, periodic social events, and the Team Holiday party. Advanced Team members also receive sponsor benefits.

This is a submission based process (by submitting an application). All athletes who apply for the Age Group Elite or PRO Elite Teams who do not qualify, will automatically be invited to join the Advanced Team. There are no unique criteria other than those listed below.

Note: QT2 has the right to accept or deny any application at its discretion. For Age Group Elite and PRO Elite Team applicants that have had an extreme event, such as injury or pregnancy, that did not allow them to meet the criteria within the past year, please submit application for review by QT2 team management. In addition, performance criteria may be reduced, to meet team membership needs during the review process, so if you are within 3% of the criteria, please apply!

The final QT2 Age Group Elite and PRO Elite Teams will be announced to applied athletes during mid-November with deposits ($100) due at that time. Final team sponsorship benefits, athlete commitments, and associated team costs will be presented in athlete contracts, to be sent out during mid-December. The expected annual team membership fee will be $295-$310 (annually) with a ~17% discount for accepted Age Group Elite Team members, and a ~35% discount for PRO Elite Team members. Note, QT2 One-on-One athletes also receive a 10% discount on team fees.

Submit an application with your interest to join the 2022 QT2 Triathlon Team.  If you have any questions, please email Jackie Miller, QT2 Team Manager ([email protected]), or Christine Kropelnicki, QT2 Team Director (chrissie@QT2Systems.com).