Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Tim Snow
Age: 38 years
Race Highlights:

  • 2014 Kona Qualifier
  • 2nd IM Wisconsin 2013
  •  3rd IM Mont Tremblant 2014
  •  4th Timberman 70.3 2015
  • Pumpkinman Half Ironman Champion 2015 and 2016
  • 2nd Eagleman 70.3 2016
  • 4th IM Lake Placid 2016
Why I Chose QT2:

I chose QT2 because I had full confidence that they’d take my ability and get the very most out of it.  Their attention to detail and the many pieces of the puzzle beyond just training (mental fitness, recovery, nutrition, etc…) has resulted in huge improvements since joining their team 4 years ago!

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