Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Tim Snow
Age: 0 seconds
Race Highlights:
  • 6 World Championship Qualifications
  • Founder of Kona Kids
Why I Chose QT2:

I chose to be coached by Tim Snow because of the heart and time I saw him give his athletes on race day. I go to my athlete's races, spend hours coaching them but I hadn't had a coach do that for me. Tim coached me on a very rough day of racing when he wasn't even my coach. I saw him at pro camp and watched the friendship he had with his athletes, he reminded me of the good coaches I had growing up and that is why I wanted him to by my coach. I wanted someone who would believe in me and push me to my goals and I know Tim can do just that.  

Website/Blog: www.KonaKids.Org
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