Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Tara Rasch
Age: 36 years
Race Highlights:
  • 6th IM Louisville
  • 9th IM Texas 2014
  • 6th IM Louisville 2011
  • 8th IM Louisville 2012
  • 8th Roth Challenge 2011
Why I Chose QT2:

I chose QT2 systems after going through a rough patch of run-related injuries. I was looking for a coach that would work with me to build a training plan that took into account the schedule and physical demands of working as a Chiropractor, while also helping me develop as a professional triathlete. As soon as I had a conversation with Tara I knew that QT2 was for me. The team of coach's at QT2 work with an athlete in a holistic way that takes care of all the factors that make or break them as an athlete - the inclusion of key aspects of recovery and nutrition are an important addition to their data-driven, scientific approach to program development.

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