Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Tim Snow
Age: 38 years
Race Highlights:

After a collegiate rowing career, Doug started triathlon in 2006, and did his first Ironman in 2007. 

After winning the amateur title at IM Coeur d’Alene in 2011, he turned professional, and has been racing as a pro ever since. 

Some career highlights include:

  • 5th at IM Lake Placid 2012
  • 7th at IM Lake Placid 2013
  • 1st Overall Musselman 2013
  • 3 Cayuga Lake Tri wins
  •  9th at Challenge Penticton 2014
  • 8th at IM Vineman 2016
  • Ironman PR of 8:48 
Why I Chose QT2:

I chose QT2 because of their comprehensive approach of working on everything related to race day performance, and their no excuses attitude. I also love that there is a team of coaches to learn from, and every coach is an accomplished athlete themselves, so they understand what it's like to really be putting in the work everyday. It's a great combination that leads to consistent race performance improvement, and our results show that every time one of us crosses the finish line.

Doug also has coached for QT2 since 2010.  He currently lives just outside Nashua, NH.

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