Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Jesse Kropelnicki
Age: 37 years
Race Highlights:

  • PRO  -  2nd place - IRONMAN Los Cabos - 2013
  • PRO  -  2nd place - European Elite LD Championship Vichy - 2013
  • PRO  -  17 Top 10 IRONMAN including 5 TOP 5 IRONMAN since 2011
  • AG  -  IRONMAN World Champion HAWAII (Record Holder) - 2010 
  • AG  -  4 X IRONMAN Champion - 2010
Why I Chose QT2:

I was searching for a stability and confidence in my training, as well as building a coach-athlete relationship that I could trust ; this is what I found within QT2 and particularly working with Jesse. I am looking out for rebuilding all my base fitness and confidence lost, through the development of objectives within a very supportive structure provided by Jesse & QT2. Thus, I look forward to regain my fitness and elevate it upward, keep on learning to keep on pushing my limits forward and never look back with regrets of what if.

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