Athlete Type: Pro
Primary Coach: Tim Snow
Age: 40 years
Race Highlights:
  • IM Lake Placid 2014 -4th.
  • IM Lake Placid 2012 - 6th
  • Rev3 OOB Half Ironman 2012 - 4th
  • Bassman Half Ironman 2013 - 2nd
  • IM CdA 2013 - 14th
  • Pumpkinman Half Ironman 2013 - 5th
  • IM Florida 2013 - 17th
Why I Chose QT2:

In order to make the gains in performance that I knew I was capable of, I'd have to make sure that all aspects of my training, recovery and nutrition where optimized to the highest level. QT2 is where I found the support and expertise to ensure that I would reach my athletic potential. The attention to detail by the coaching staff is unparalleled, and the team represents a group of athletes that are committed day in and day out to the process of becoming a better triathlete each day.

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