Triathlon or Runner Consultation

All of the QT2 training services utilize proven principles developed from a quantitative perspective. Whether you are interested in One-on-One coaching, a Mission Plan, or our consultations, our world class training philosophies, such as "critical volume" and "trailing volume" are included. Our athletes will tell you that our attention to detail is our greatest asset.

Consultation - $120
Consultation With Season Plan - $15 per week (12 week min.)
These options are great for the self-sufficient athlete who would like to layout their season and goal races optimally. Use a consultation to answer all the triathlon related questions you may have. Add to that a season plan and you will have a periodized season plan that establishes weekly volume and intensity along with your consultation. Periodization plans can consist of a full season plan (52 weeks) or as little as 6-12 weeks to train for a particular goal race.

The Package Includes:

  • Up to a 90 minute call or meeting with Coach Jesse (or other QT2 coaches) to discuss anything you would like relative to triathlon.
  • Ideas for your consult include discussion of your nutrition, race fueling, training, sport mechanics, use of power or heart rate, goals, racing potential, body composition, or race name a few.
  • Consultations work best if you provide a list of what you'd like to discuss prior to your meeting so we can properly prepare.
  • Consultations work out extremely well given the wide variety of topics you may choose to cover. It gives you a chance to get answers in those areas where you may not feel 100 percent comfortable prescribing and implementing on your own.
Consultation With Season Plan
  • This option includes all of the above, plus a detailed periodization plan built specifically for you. This plan can then form the basis of some of the discussion for the consultation.

Note: Our coaches take these meetings to heart and do everything they can to make your session worth it to you. You will not be disappointed.