Ironman Mistakes!

Date: April 03, 2011
Time: 06:00 PM
Cost: $20

This webinar will discuss many of the common mistakes made by athletes before, during, and after an Ironman event. Make the most out of your Ironman experience, by learning what NOT to do. Hosted by one who knows, join Coach Tim as he chronicles many of the issues experienced by hundreds of triathletes every year, and provides tips on how to avoid them. Tim has over 25 Ironmans under his belt, and has made many of the mistakes that you are likely going to make in the future if don't attend this webinar! We'll also have some fun hearing about Tim's mishaps from years ago.

What You Will Learn:

(1) Where many of the potential Ironman pitfalls lie, (2) how to avoid and/or manage these pitfalls as they arise throughout your day, and (3) what soy protein, yogurt, cinnamon raisin bagels, and crushed caffeine tablets all have in common.


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About the presenter:

Tim Snow is a Professional/Elite triathlete and coach with QT2 Systems, LLC. Tim has been racing at the professional level since 2000, including 26 Ironman finishes. He coaches top-level triathletes, through QT2's 1-1 Coaching service, and manages the day-to-day operations and moderates the Ask The Coach Forum for QT2 Mission Plans.