All of the QT2 group services utilize proven training principles and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you are interested in a swim session, one of our training camps, or a webinar, our coaches will provide unparalleled attention to you, and top notch training knowledge. Our group services are for anyone; not just the QT2 triathlon team.

QT2 Webinars - FREE

QT2's webinars provide real information on topics that YOU care about! We teach QT2 training philosophies, nutrition protocols, and more. You'll find that QT2 webinars, like many of our others services are catered to provide detailed information. You'll also find that our webinars include a insightful Q&A session where participants, including existing QT2 athletes, are encouraged to ask questions. We do not shut off the audio for participants in our webinars like many others do! For this reason our webinars are capped at 20 participants. Also, all of our paid webinars are now eligible for one (1) non USAT CEU.These are a great way to recertify your USAT coaching credentials, and learn from the very best! See below for details.

The Package Includes:

  • Attendance to one of the webinars scheduled below
  • All webinars include a 30-40 minute presentation, and then a 20-30 minute Q&A session where any participant may ask our coaches questions related to the webinar topic.
  • Easy to use dial-in number or computer headset options for audio conference.
  • Easy to use software for video conference. If you cannot join video conference, feel free to join by audio only!
  • Note, all webinars are recorded for future viewing by QT2 coaching clients.

No Registration Necessary:

For access to our online webinar software, simply join via the link(s) provided. All webinars are recorded and posted to our respective athlete Member Areas, for future viewing by our athletes.

Previously Recorded Webinars:

January 10, 201007:00 PMThe Base PhasePurchase
May 23, 201007:00 PMPacing The Performance You/ve Trained ForPurchase
June 20, 201007:00 PMHeart Rate Based TrainingPurchase
January 09, 201106:00 PMWhat the #!%@ Happened?Purchase
February 21, 201107:00 PMCritical VolumePurchase
April 03, 201106:00 PMIronman Mistakes!Purchase
May 08, 201106:00 PMTracking ProgressPurchase
October 23, 201107:00 PMRestoration/RecoveryPurchase
November 13, 201107:00 PMTraining and Racing Ironman: It's All Aerobic!!!Purchase
December 11, 201106:00 PMRace Fueling: Why We Use What We UsePurchase
December 19, 201107:00 PMQT2 Orientation!Purchase
January 23, 201207:00 PMSeason Planning: A Quantitative and Practical ApproachPurchase
February 19, 201207:00 PMOptimizing Race WeekPurchase
April 15, 201207:00 PMSalvaging An Injury Plagued SeasonPurchase
March 18, 201207:00 PMMental Fitness Tools For AthletesPurchase
April 29, 201207:00 PMCycling in Massachusetts - Know Your Rights and ResponsibilitiesPurchase
May 13, 201208:00 PMPimp Your Triathlon Ride, The Right Way!Purchase
July 01, 201207:00 PMReal World Pacing: Sprint To IronmanPurchase
June 10, 201207:00 PMStretching And Myofascial Trigger PointsPurchase
October 07, 201207:00 PMThe Ins And Outs of Time Trialing For Triathlon PerformancePurchase
November 11, 201207:00 PMPlanning and Building Your Upcoming Triathlon SeasonPurchase
December 16, 201207:00 PMHow A Perfectly Timed Training Camp Can Boost Race Day FitnessPurchase
March 10, 201308:00 PMA Coach's Guide To Creating Credibility With Their AthletesPurchase
May 19, 201307:30 PMAn Inside Look At the Reason Behind, and Purpose of, Recovery WorkoutsPurchase
July 21, 201307:00 PMA Pro and AGer's Guide to USADA's Doping Control Policies and ProtocolsPurchase
September 09, 201307:00 PMA Practical Application Of The Tools Of Mental FitnessPurchase
November 11, 201307:00 PMPreparing For Hot Weather Racing, From Cool Weather LocationsPurchase
April 13, 201408:00 PMCreating A Squad Environment At HomePurchase
June 02, 201408:00 PMEffective Use Of The QT2 Restoration MatrixPurchase
July 14, 201408:00 PMDeveloping and Identifying Mental ToughnessPurchase
October 19, 201408:00 PMDemystifying The Elusive TaperPurchase
March 10, 201508:30 PMThe Confidence ProjectPurchase
May 11, 201507:00 PMUltra-Distance RunningPurchase
July 17, 201508:00 PMClarifying The QT2 Workout LibraryPurchase
October 29, 201508:00 PMThe Art of Balance in TriathlonPurchase
November 29, 201507:00 PMFast After 40Purchase
November 08, 201507:00 PMThe Stress BucketPurchase
April 10, 201607:00 PMThe Imbalanced Athlete - Why Do My Lower-Back and Neck Always Hurt?Purchase
May 03, 201607:00 PMThe Menopausal Triathlete - What the Heck is Happening to My Body?Purchase
July 06, 201607:00 PMMaximizing Your Relationship With Your CoachPurchase
January 17, 201707:30 PMMental Training For Sport: The Next Frontier To Maximizing Athletic PerformancePurchase
February 07, 201707:30 PMMental Training For Sport: The Next Frontier to Maximizing Athletic Performance WEBINAR #2 - EXPLORING GOAL SETTING, MENTAL IMAGERY, AND SELF TALK-
November 21, 201707:00 PMMental Training For Sport: The Next Frontier to Maximizing Athletic Performance WEBINAR #3 - ENERGY MANAGEMENT, CONCENTRATION, SELF-CONFIDENCEPurchase
December 12, 201707:00 PMMental Training For Sport: The Next Frontier to Maximizing Athletic Performance WEBINAR #4 - MENTAL PREPARATION, EXCELLING UNDER PRESSURE, STICKING TO IT Purchase
February 25, 201807:00 PMThe Great Cadence DebatePurchase
April 15, 201807:00 PMThe Nuts and Bolts of Signing Up For Your Ironman JourneyPurchase
May 08, 201807:00 PMKey Aspects of the Swim, Bike, and RunPurchase
June 10, 201808:00 PMTranslating Indoor Training Into Outdoor ResultsPurchase
August 14, 201807:00 PMSwim Mechanics and EfficiencyPurchase
October 23, 201807:00 PMStrength Training: That Extra 1%Purchase
December 05, 201807:00 PMCorrective Exercise Assessment: How to break plateaus and reach your full potential.Purchase
November 27, 201807:00 PMThe Best Athletes Are Made In The Off-SeasonPurchase
January 23, 201908:00 PMYour limiters might not be what you think: When your weaknesses are in disguise!Purchase
February 11, 201908:00 PMMen (athletes) are from Mars. Women (athletes) are from Venus.Purchase
April 15, 201906:30 PMSuccess, Pressure, Patience, and the AthletePurchase
May 29, 201907:00 PMYoga For The Endurance AthletePurchase
August 07, 201907:00 PMMaximize Your Potential (all the way to Kona!).Purchase
August 28, 201907:00 PM70.3 World Championship Course PreviewPurchase
October 15, 201907:30 PMOptimizing Bike Setup For Race DayPurchase
January 22, 202007:00 PMThe Impact Of Exercise On Our BrainsPurchase
April 28, 202007:00 PMPower Meters: Not Just For Bike Training Anymore!Purchase
March 25, 202007:00 PMZwift 101: Your Guide To Virtual Cycling & Running!Purchase
April 08, 202007:00 PMZwift 2.0Purchase
May 06, 202007:00 PMAll About InjuriesPurchase
June 03, 202007:00 PMUpping Your Recovery and Restoration GamePurchase
June 17, 202007:00 PMCycling Rights, Responsibilities and an Action PlanPurchase
July 13, 202007:00 PMThe Black Line Is MissingPurchase
August 05, 202007:00 PM2020 Race Prep Crash CoursePurchase
October 27, 202007:00 PMTechnology and Apps: Get Plugged IN!Purchase
October 08, 202006:00 PMBack To The Races!Purchase
March 07, 202107:00 PMWhat is your "WHY"?-
April 28, 202106:00 PMFueling for Training and Race Day-
May 05, 202107:00 PMStrength & Mobility Needs for Injury Prevention in Triathlon-
June 16, 202107:00 PMSwim Video Analysis-
July 13, 202107:00 PM2021 IMLP Course & Event Preview-
August 10, 202107:00 PMIntro to Swim.Run-
August 31, 202107:00 PM2021 70.3 World Championships Course Preview-
October 26, 202106:30 PM2021 IMFL Course Preview-
March 02, 202207:00 PMA Triathlete's Guide to Running with Power-