This is where we will store Zwift files of QT2 and ORR signature workouts.  In order to use these workouts, with the Zwift software:

1.  Save the file that you would like to use to Documents  --> Zwift --> Workouts.  This may require you to right click on the file, and choose "Save Link As..."

2.  When you log into the Zwift software, choose "Select Workout" at the Start screen.

3.  This will bring you to a new screen, where you will want to scroll down to "Custom Workouts". 

4.  Choose your workout from the list of custom workouts, and then click on "Workout", followed by "Ride".

5.Don't forget to include #QT2 or #ORR next to your rider's name!

All rides are based upon a percentage of FTP, as defined by Zwift.  To ride, at your appropriate intensity, you will need to adjust your personal FTP.  Zwift FTP translates, very closely, to QT2/ORR Power zones, as follows:

QT2 Z1: 69-79% FTP

QT2 Z2:  79-89% FTP

QT2 Z3:  89-100% FTP

20-minute Best Sustainable Efforts:  100% FTP

10-minute Best Sustainable Efforts:  105% FTP

5-minute Best Sustainable Efforts:  112% FTP

2.5-minute Best Sustainable Efforts:  121% FTP 

1-minute Best Sustainable Efforts:  131% FTP

Once the a workout is saved to your Zwift folder, it is yours, as long as you are using the Zwift software from that computer.  No need to visit the QT2 or ORR Member Area, before every ride, when you want to do that workout.  But, please check back, frequently, as we are planning to constantly expand this library.

Best Effort Intervals

Bike PPTs

2x20 Minute Best Sustainable Effort

3x10 Minute Best Sustainable Effort

3x5, 4x2.5 Minute Best Sustainable Effort

1x10, 4x5 Minute Best Sustainable Effort

Tempo Intervals

2x20 Minutes @Z2 Tempo

2x12 Minutes @Z3 Tempo

2x15 Minutes @Z3 Tempo

Bicycle Strength Training (Low Cadence)

14x1 Minute BST

6x5 Minutes BST

3x10 Minutes BST

Race Specificity

Race Specificity Set - OLY

IM Over/Unders

Group Ride Simulation


Z1 CAP Intervals


3 and 20 Test

Files From QT2 "Banded" Group Rides on ZWIFT

Descending Squeeze

Group Simulation Over/Unders

Group Simulation

Long FTP Squeeze Intervals

Sprint FTP Squeeze Intervals

Tensioned Build

Threshold Over/Unders

Tight FTP Squeeze

QT2 Threshold Flirtations

QT2 FTP Ladder

QT2 FTP Ups & Downs

QT2 Long FTP Ladder

QT2 Broken Ramp

QT2's Kitchen Sink