Workout of the Month - 5 Mobile Moves For Injury Prevention

August 23, 2021

OutRival Racing Coach Dawn English takes you through five injury prevention exercises. These exercises can be done anywhere - all you need is a resistance band.


Move 1 - Lat Pull Down

Move 2 - High Row

Move 3 - Banded Side Lifts

Move 4 - Banded Glute Kick Backs

Move 5 - Calf Raises

About Coach Dawn ...

Dawn began coaching in 2008. She joined OutRival Racing in 2014 as their approach aligned with her philosophies and she has been enriched by the network of top coaching and dietician minds.  She has coached beginners, experienced, Juniors and Masters Athletes for all distances and has conducted group training sessions and provides individualized training plans.  She enjoys customizing plans based on an athlete’s goals, schedule and limiters.  Dawn is good at supporting athletes to guide them out of their comfort zones and is educated in preventing injuries, balancing life with training, and encouraging her athletes to do their best.  She grew up participating in a variety of sports and did her first triathlon in 1999 and personally has continued her triathlon lifestyle through coast to coast moves, a couple of children, and being a U.S. Navy Spouse.  She still enjoys the sport 5 age groups later and continues to race sprint to Ironman distance events, having completed over 90 multisport events and is on the podium for most races she participates.