About the Team


The QT2 Team is for those athletes who have dedicated themselves to the sport of triathlon and are ready to make the sacrifices it takes to reach their goals. All of the team's athletes are coached by QT2 (at some level), and receive benefits. The team is broken into three groups; the PRO Elite Team, Age Group Elite Team, and Advanced Team. The PRO Elite Team is for those athletes who have achieved top level success in triathlon and have met certain performance standards. PRO Elite Team athletes are typically professionals or soon to be professionals. These athletes receive a 10% discount on all coaching services and receive top level benefits from the team's sponsors. Age Group Elite athletes are typically top level age groupers that routinely place in their age group at national events. Advanced Team members are those dedicated triathletes who don't meet the criteria for our Elite or Age Group Elite Teams, or for those who may be joining us mid-season.

QT2 has potentially the strongest triathlon team in the world having had 35 athletes qualified for Kona in 2021!

Admission to Team QT2 is evaluated each October and the team is announced on January 1st. Past teams had Quintana Roo, Gatorade, NormaTec, and Wattie Ink as top sponsors. The team is managed and coordinated by Christine Kropelnicki (team director), and Jackie Miller (team manager). If you are interested in joining the team, please submit an application below.