QT2 Coaches

Anne Basso

QT2 Level 1 Coach


Anne started with a passion for sport before she ever grew into a professional athlete.  She now combines her knowledge and experience  as a coach.  Anne thrives to instill her passion in others.

Through her USAT coaching education, she came to adhere to the QT2 core philosophy of training.  She blends her own methodologies with the QT2 principals.

In between training and racing,Anne invested time studying nutrition and sport sciences while studying and performing exercise physiology testing at Meredith college. Anne also holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry.

While racing professionally Anne has traveled all over the world including North & Central America, Europe, and Australia. This experience has given Anne the ability to communicate and share a wealth of experience to fellow athletes across continents. At the same time, her training methods and philosophy were broadened  working with world class coaches and past/future world champions and Olympians.

 Anne brings her athletes 10 years of racing experience  evolving from amateur to professional. Having completed hundreds of races including over15 Ironman distances, she will focus on all aspects of racing and training to make your journey  enjoyable and successful !

 What seemed unreachable, or even unthinkable will become possible ! 

Coach Level: QT2 Level 1 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I
Years With QT2: 4
Years Racing Triathlon: 15