QT2 Systems, LLC signs two-year contract with blueseventy, USA

January 24, 2020

As one of QT2 Systems’ first sponsors when the team launched 15 years ago, blueseventy, USA rejoins the sponsor squad in 2020 with the hopes of creating a lasting partnership with QT2 Systems, LLC Triathlon Teams. 

New Season. Fresh Start. Save BIG.

January 01, 2020

It’s a perfect time to set some big goals.  Make this your year. 

Start 2020 off right! Save BIG on an individualized training program this 2020 with our #NewYear Mission Plan Sale.  QT2 Systems is offering a special New Year rate on its Annual Mission Plan Program for first-time athletes through January 7th.  See email for more information and discount code.  Happy New Year!!

Tapping Into The Power of Now With Your Sport

December 16, 2019

As a triathlete, a cyclist, a runner trying to achieve your goals, you are most likely very driven. Your competitive spirit is brimming over the top and that motivates you to train. Add in your job/career and your family and it’s clear how busy your life is. Add in the context of a culture that glorifies busyness and has made exhaustion a status symbol. Burnout and even resentment toward your sport of choice is a very real possibility.

The Mary Cain Effect

November 29, 2019

Perhaps you remember an opinion article written a few years ago in the New York Times titled “How The ‘Shalane Flanagan Effect’ Works.” Written by Lindsay Crouse, the story celebrated Flanagan’s 2017 NYC Marathon victory. It highlighted her ability to lead teammates within her squad for the betterment and enlightenment of herself and others, while embracing the message that success doesn’t necessarily mean that others need to lose for us to win.  Our gain doesn’t have to be another’s pain; that “power in numbers” always trumps one’s own lonely rise to the top.  This article sparked a wave of female empowerment of “women empowering women” and the infamous “&%*K  Yeah” moment of female success.

Aging Gracefully (In Sport)

October 29, 2019

This past February I did a 3/20 test on the bike.  For those non-QT2 folks reading this, that’s our version of an FTP test.  In other words, ride really hard and see what kind of average power and heart rate you can produce.

The 2019 QT2 Kona Mission Plan Special

October 07, 2019

Because it is KONA-TIME and, for many, the end of the season – we are offering a two-week, limited time offer on our Mission Plans. This promotion will run through October 23rd.  

Choose from the following Mission Plan Offers: 

1. Mission Plan FREE Trial
2. The Mission Plan Bundle

The 2020 QT2 Team Enrollment is OPEN

October 04, 2019

We're not your average triathlon team.  With us, you not only get the standard team benefits (branded race kit, podium shirt, waterbottle, hat/visor, sponsor discounts, access to online resources, etc etc) but you also get personalized coaching and access to Registered Dietitians through our brand, The Core Diet.  

If that's not enough - did you know ALL team athletes are eligible for our Cash Race Bonus Program ($10,000 for the 2020 season). This is both performance AND team event participation (camps & key races) cash payout program for all team members. Boooyeah! 

In Defense of the "Off Season"

September 30, 2019

Are you considering extending your tri season? Read this post by Coach Taylor.

Triathlon Racing: Something For Everyone

September 14, 2019

Choosing a race: go big or go home, right?! All or nothing is a pretty typical mindset of a lot of endurance athletes. If you’re attracted to the sport of triathlon, you are a driven individual – this isn’t something you HAVE to do, it’s something you get to do for FUN. So why in the world would one put their bodies through the daily stress of preparation?! Because you are naturally driven. You like to strive for a goal, achieve, and feel that sense of accomplishment.

FLATLANDERS BEHOLD! You too, can race a hilly course!

August 30, 2019

Congratulations! You just signed up for a beautiful, scenic, mountainous triathlon or bike race! All you can imagine are cool mountain breezes, the scent of pine trees, wispy clouds behind a mountain range and maybe the sound of a rushing, rocky stream. 

SCRRRREEEECHHHH! BUT WAIT JUST A DARNED MINUTE! Oh no! You live in Florida? Texas? Or some other place, that is as flat as that table your laptop was sitting on when you registered for this get-up?!