QT2 Announces New Partnership with Asphalt Green Triathlon Club in NYC!

September 06, 2017

QT2 Systems, LLC (QT2) has announced a partnership with the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, one of the largest amateur triathlon clubs in the northeastern United States. Under a new agreement, QT2 will be the club’s sole and exclusive coaching and nutrition group, and Asphalt Green will become the sole and exclusive fitness facility promoted by QT2 Systems in New York City.

Asphalt Green is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality sports, swim, and fitness instruction and programs to New York City adults and children. With two locations in Manhattan—featuring indoor swimming pools, state-of-the art fitness centers, turf fields, and more—Asphalt Green offers a diverse range of services that cater to individuals of all skill levels, from the first-time exerciser or new swimmer, to elite athletes training for Ironman triathlons.

Beginning in November 2017, QT2 Systems will coach and support the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, a 100-member group of men and women that holds daily swimming, cycling and running practices at Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses and throughout the city. Members compete in races locally and across the country.

QT2 Systems’ experienced and credentialed coaches will build the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club’s training programs to cater to athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite triathletes. In addition to training and racing support, QT2 Systems will provide nutritional coaching through its Core Diet program, which includes strategies for weight-loss and maintaining healthy body weight, and helps athletes live, train, and compete at their optimal levels.

QT2 Systems, LLC looks forward to growing its presence in the New York City area, where there are thousands of endurance athletes who could benefit from its other high-quality brands, including QT2 Systems, OutRival Racing, The Run Formula, and The Cycling Formula. This partnership represents a unique opportunity for both QT2 Systems, LLC and Asphalt Green to transform and grow their respective brands, together.

"We have long seen Asphalt Green as a tremendous facility, for New York City triathletes. Training and racing triathlons is hard enough, never mind the added logistical complications of living in one of the world's largest cities. Asphalt Green and its triathlon team, with a cutting-edge facility, go a long way to alleviate that. It is the perfect place for any New York City athlete to call home, including the 25+ existing athletes we train in NYC," said Jesse Kropelnicki, Founder & Managing Director of QT2 Systems.  

“Since 2003, the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club has been one of the premier clubs for triathletes of all levels in the New York City area, and our new partnership with QT2 will take it to the next level. QT2’s experienced staff, proven training methods, and dogged commitment to helping each athlete reach his or her full potential made them the obvious choice to provide coaching and nutritional counselling to our members," said Marcus Farny, Chief Operating Officer of Asphalt Green.

About QT2 Systems, LLC

QT2 Systems, LLC is a family of brands dedicated to helping endurance athletes achieve their goals, the world over.  From professional athletes to the athlete just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, QT2 Systems, LLC focuses on athletic performance through their QT2, OutRival Racing, Run Formula, Cycling Formula, Core Diet, and now Cycle Life Studio brands.  Founded in 2006, in Boston, MA, QT2 Systems, LLC's family of brands has grown to be the world's largest, most comprehensive, and highest quality providers of endurance sports services in the marketplace.  For more information on QT2 Systems, visit their website: www.qt2systems.com

About Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness. Community service is at the core of the organization’s origin and the heart of its mission. A city-wide institution, Asphalt Green has two first class campuses: a beautiful 5½-acre Upper East Side campus and a 52,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Battery Park City. Asphalt Green will help more than 33,000 public school children be fit this year through free programs in schoolyards, gymnasiums, and pools across New York City. www.asphaltgreen.org