Athlete Spotlight - Bob Richter

September 27, 2021

Questions for Bob

How long have you been racing?

My interest in triathlon began in 2012. A good friend, chiropractor, and my former coach is a 20x Ironman finisher and he piqued my interest. I’ve also made several friends over the years through the running community that are also involved in triathlon and inspired me to give long course triathlon a go. I did my first 70.3 in 2013, and my first 140.6 in 2014 and I’m still going.

What are your goals for this season? Long Term?

My goals fluctuate from season-to-season. As I rolled into 2021, two goals were to qualify for IM 70.3 Worlds in St. George with it being in the US, and the 2022 USAT Duathlon World Championships in Australia and I achieved both of those world qualifications (although Australia has been cancelled so hoping it will be rescheduled elsewhere that’s equally as exciting). Longer term, I’m focused on staying healthy, continuing to have fun and enjoy the process of training, and still in the back of my mind is a spot at Kona one day.

What is your favorite workout?

I enjoy aerobic endurance workouts on the bike and/or running. I admit my strength is endurance and I enjoy that type of training most. I also admit that building strength/speed is a development area and we focus on that with higher intensity sessions. In the pool, my favorite sessions are strength focused, with paddles and pull buoy!

What brought you to running?

Running had been part of my routine to stay fit for many years, but I didn’t really get into it competitively until 2008. A friend invited me to join him for a 10 mile race which was my first organized running event. It was a blast and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe – just kept on going after that!

What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?

For me triathlon is more than racing, it’s a lifestyle of health and fitness. I enjoy the process of training day-to-day as much if not more than racing. During 2020, training continued and I focused more on the bike where there’s a lot of room for improvement. I participated in a couple of Ironman VR events but enjoyed the QT2 virtual events even more – it was a nice way to test myself now and then.

When did you begin with QT2?  Why did you decide to train with QT2?  Who is your coach?

After my 2017 race season, I realized my training had hit a plateau and it was time to shake things up. I joined QT2 on the recommendation of a good friend who is also a 1:1 coached athlete. At that time she’d been with QT2 for about 5 years and had nothing but very positive things to say on the training and quality of the coaching. My coach is Karen Allen-Turner and we’ve been working together this entire time.

What do you like best about working with your coach?

Karen has extensive knowledge, experience & provides training guidance with the QT2 training protocols that are helping me reach my potential – significant improvements have been made and continue to come as I continue to age! Karen’s approach to training is very flexible, creative and accommodating particularly when it comes to balancing priorities of family, work and training.

Questions for Coach Karen

What do you like most about coaching Bob?

Bob is so enthusiastic and such a hard worker. I enjoy that it is a collaborative experience between us whereby we address opportunities together and agree on the approach we should take to seek the improvements we are looking for. Bob is so committed to doing the best he can in every session. I love his positive energy and ability to always be optimistic.

What is one thing which stands out most about Bob?

His consistent approach to training and attitude. No workout is ever too hard or too boring. He gives it his best. I think we have a good understanding and are both striving for the same goals. It's been a real pleasure to work with Bob and I look forward to his continued success at all the distances.