Athlete Spotlight - Jeff McIntyre

March 08, 2022

Questions for Jeff

How long have you been racing?

This is my 15th season, although there have been some off times to focus on other priorities.

What are your goals for this season?  Long Term?

To be more consistent at a higher level while educating myself about the process - and about myself - as much as possible.

What is your favorite workout?

Probably hill work on the bike. The immediacy and equalizer a climb provides is equal to the relief and feeling of accomplishment once done. Downriver open water swims are a pretty close second.

What brought you to triathlon?

I turned 40 and wanted to do a thing. After years of being a professional whitewater kayaker and river guide, I wanted a new challenge and sport (or sports) I could learn. Triathlon seemed an absurd thing to attempt - so I started. I joined Team in Training for the Philly Olympic Distance Race and have since gone all-in on endurance sport doing 4 IRONMAN races, 2 ultra marathons, one 4.4 mile swim, and wingn a stand-up paddle 20-miler.  My unease with turning 40 now seems so silly, so far away.

What was your most memorable race? Why?

Ironman Cozumel. After a year of significant personal tumult and loss, training for my first IM gave me a sense of discipline, a goal, and a focus away from the other things going on. To step to the start line for the swim felt like such an overwhelming victory. To finish felt like turning a page. And there were so many great moments in between. It was a good day and a beautiful metaphor that continues to propel me.

When did you begin with QT2 Systems? 

Summer 2020.

Why did you decide to train with QT2 Systems?

I wanted to recover and re-train after a layoff. Then, I wanted to see if I could go to the next level. For me, that's not necessarily determined by a faster time but by having confidence in all the aspects that go into preparing and racing. QT2 offered the most comprehensive approach to learning and integrating those elements into my training and daily habits. PRs depend on so many factors. I want to put myself in a strong and smart position whether the PR happens or not. Journey, not destination.

Who is your coach?

Amy Javens

What do you like best about working with your coach?

Without question, it is her patience and positive approach. The pandemic has presented several challenges to training and racing. I know I'm also not the easiest to support at times. Between work demands, still figuring out my damn Garmin, and training in a pandemic world - Amy's persistence and guidance have been and continue to be invaluable.

Questions for Coach Amy

What do you like most about coaching Jeff?

Jeff is open to any suggestions I give him with his training and he enjoys traveling to race, which makes it fun for me to see where he will want to travel to each season. Covid has been challenging for us, but we are persevering through it, and getting him to race again this season!

What is one thing which stands out most about Jeff?

Jeff is a very busy individual especially with what he does with his job (he is the Director of NASH Programs for the Global Liver Institute), AND especially during the pandemic, but he realizes the importance of taking care of himself for stress relief and for his health and wellness.  He is open to many things, and is a kind and caring individual who puts others first.  He sees the world in a way of “what can I do for the world” and not “what can the world do for me”.  We need more Jeff’s in our world..and I am so glad I have him on my athlete roster. 

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