Athlete Spotlight - Jimmy Sosinski

June 08, 2021

Athlete Spotlight - QT2 Systems One on One Coached Athlete Jimmy Sosinski coached by Tim Snow

Questions for Jimmy

How long have you been racing?

Racing since 2010, so 11 years

What are your goals for this season?  

Sub 4 hours in a 70.3 and sub 9 hours in an Ironman.

Long Term?

Have fun and enjoy the ride!  Get back to Kona and race Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race!

What is your favorite workout?

Favorite workouts are the run workouts that I get into a groove and the fast low 6 minute pace seems nice and easy and I could do it all day long!  I also love some big elevation gain rides on the tri bike!

What brought you to triathlon?

Kona, I always knew I wanted to race Kona since watching it on TV as a kid.  I was a scholarship runner in college and once I graduated, I knew I wanted to run a marathon and qualify for Boston.  I also knew I needed to start learning how to swim since I never really learned the correct way to swim as a kid.  I finally started taking lessons at 30 years old and started the long arduous process.  It took 7 tries to qualify for Kona, but once it happened, I was also able to grab a Pro card so I have been racing as a professional since 2018 which was never in my mind when I started triathlon!

What did you do in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?

I kept working out to keep the stress down from the worldwide pandemic and the added stressor of homeschooling.  We have two kids, 9 and 2, and the young one was in daycare throughout the entire pandemic, but the 9 year old was home with us while my wife and I were trying to work.  So it was a stressful time and I needed my time alone out on my runs and bike rides.  It was therapy!

When did you begin with QT2 Systems?

February 2021

Why did you decide to train with QT2 Systems?

My previous coach was retiring from coaching and she was a QT2 coached athlete years ago so she asked a past QT2 coach for some recommendations and Patrick Wheeler recommended Tim Snow and it has been an awesome process!

Who is your coach?  

Tim Snow

What do you like best about working with Tim?  

He definitely challenges me in all aspects of the workouts.  I look at a workout and think, wow, that looks hard, but then I surprise myself and accomplish the workout and feel great afterwards.  He has really helped me become faster in all 3 aspects of triathlon and came close to going sub 4 hours in my first 70.3 in 2021 and first triathlon in 18 months!  I also really like that he was a professional triathlete for many years and raced the Leadville 100 mile Mountain Bike race on many occasions which was on my list for this year until Whiteface Mountain Bike race was cancelled.

Questions for Coach Tim Snow

What do I like most about coaching Jimmy?

He has entrusted me to make the decisions, for his training, that I believe to be best. While I encourage questions as to why we may do this, that, or the other - that is just his looking to more deeply understand and learn.  He doesn’t doubt that I am coaching him in the best way that I know how. He knows that I am not withholding some kind of ‘special magical methodology’, that I only give to SOME athletes. And while I am not always 100% correct in the decisions that I make, I believe that Jimmy believes that my intent was devoted to his best interest.

One thing that most stands out about Jimmy?

He executes workouts with pinpoint accuracy. Regardless of the context or the conditions, Jimmy’s workouts are executed EXACTLY as they were intended. Be it best effort intervals, a long ride or run, and most importantly, his recovery workouts, Jimmy hits all of them spot-on. There may come days, or periods of time, when that is more difficult, or even impossible, due to poor conditions or his simply not feeling up to par that day. That’s quite okay, too. Those days happen to the best and worst of us. How we respond to those days is what makes all the difference.