Athlete Spotlight: Melissa Wobbe

August 24, 2020

Melissa pours her heart,  soul  and  humor into all  aspects  of  her  life.  She has a  very  demanding  position at a Fortune 500 Company in NYC, trains for long-distance triathlons, is a loving daughter and sister, has many friends, AND a very active social life.  
Like many of us, the pandemic brought many changes to Melissa's life. Her commute from Brooklyn to NYC went to a commute  from  her  bedroom  to  her  dining  room  table  There  were  no  more  visits  to  her  parents  or  her  sister  Faith  (who happens  to  be  a  nurse  in  NYC)  and  no  more  after  work  dinner  and  drinks  with  friends  and  co-workers.  There were also no more personal training sessions at Badass Academy, early morning masters swims, or Saturday rides  with  friends.  While she rarely  left  her  apartment  during  lockdown, that  didn’t  stop  her positivity and genuine enthusiasm for life.  The highlight of most of her days was stepping out onto the balcony of her apartment each evening at 7pm for the Healthcare Heroes’ Clap.   
As things started opening in NYC, Melissa braved going out for short runs, but had to change her  usual  route  due  to  crowding  Through  it  all,  she  kept  her  humor  and  positive attitude. While  Melissa  continued  to  train  for  IRONMAN  Lake  Placid, she  had constant  worry  over  her  sister  working  at  the  hospital, as  well  as  her  parents,  and  not  being  able  to  see  or  help them.  She  worried  about  being  "selfish"  by  training  for  an  IRONMAN  during  a  pandemic.  Before IMLP was cancelled, considering this race is Melissa's dream goal, she made the decision to defer to 2021 so her heart could be 100% into it. Nevertheless, Melissa still trains, keeping her focus on a lighter training load, staying fit, and working on her weaknesses, so that when 2021 IMLP training plan is given to her, she’s not back at square one. 

We caught up with Melissa’s coach, Jackie Miller, and when asked about Melissa, she broke out in a huge smile. Jackie looks forward to their phone conversations which, in addition to catching up on training talk and life in general, usually includes some humorous story or incident from Melissa. One in particular story, was when the downstairs neighbor came upstairs ranting and yelling at Melissa, complaining of “a loud droning noise” coming out of Melissa's apartment at crazy hours of the day. One Saturday, while training for IMLP,  the  droning  noise lasted all morning to the point where her neighbor asked if she was holding group exercise classes in her apartment. Melissa explained she was riding her bike because she was training for an Ironman, but her neighbor continued to yell, noting that she went to the market and 5 other stores to get away from the noise, came home and the "droning was STILL GOING ON!) She informed Melissa that she needed to re-evaluate her life! Not letting a disgruntled neighbor stand in her way of training, Melissa went out and bought very expensive matting (we’re talking over $1k!!) to go under her trainer, so she could continue working towards reaching her dream goal of an IMLP FINISH.   


  • “OFF-SEASON” FOCUS: My Mental Game. My coach, Jackie Miller, really helped me realize that I BELONG at the race and I BELONG at the start line and I BELONG at the finish line because I PUT IN THE WORK (and I have fun doing it and encouraging others around me!). Other focus: Nutrition + Strength work.  

  • PERSPECTIVE: The 2021 Season brings on the opportunity to restart and appreciate the adrenaline of a race and work in off-season to have my best season.  

  • 2021 GOAL: To cross the iconic finish line at IRONMAN Lake Placid and appreciate the hard work friendships and the journey!  

  • ON  WORKING  WITH  QT2  SYSTEMS  LLC:  I  love  QT2  SYSTEMS!  They  are  a  top-notch,  full-service  coaching  group that creates friendships and community no matter your ability level! During #quarantinelife, I loved happy hour and  team  engagement.  Coach,  Jackie  Miller,  is  awesome  and  has  helped  reset  refocus  and  encourage  to  stay focused and motivated during this time.  

  • LIFE  LESSON  FROM  SPORT:  “Each  one. Teach  one.”  Blessed  to  encourage  young  girls  and  be  a  role  model  to work hard and go after your goals. Celebrate small successes of others!!!!!  

Melissa Wobbe is one of those athletes that brightens the room she enters and leaves everyone with a smile on her  face.  She’s  a  fantastic  athlete  and  she  will  race  IMLP  and  FINISH  make  this  come  true  in  2021!!! 

SOCIAL: @melikate24