Join the QT2 Systems Virtual Broken Half-IM

   SWIM 1.2mi | Saturday - ZWIFT 36mi / RUN 3.8mi | Sunday - ZWIFT 20mi / RUN 9.3mi

   70.3 miles, within 51.5 hours

  REGISTER BELOW!!! - Registration closes on Wednesday, August 19th

 Race Guide - COMING SOON!


This will be the first weekend endurance event in our virtual race series. Athletes can take part in either a SWIM | BIKE-RUN | BIKE-RUN format, as outlined in the race rules, or in just a BIKE-RUN | BIKE-RUN format, if they do not have an appropriate swimming option.

The run portions of this event can be done either indoors or outdoors, while the bike portion must be done on ZWIFT, through the Meet Up functionality within the Companion app. THIS IS A NON-DRAFTING EVENT, THEREFORE ALL IN-GAME RIDERS WILL NEED TO BE ON TT FRAMES (NO ROAD FRAMES).

Entry Fee: FREE

In order to participate, you MUST meet the Required Equipment Guidelines, as outlined below. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a workaround for those who do not have the required equipment.

What: SWIM 1.2mi | ZWIFT 36mi / RUN 3.8mi | ZWIFT 20mi / RUN 9.3mi

Where: Saturday - ZWIFT's Dust in the Wind (Elevation Profile) | Sunday - ZWIFT's Muir and the Mountain (Elevation Profile) | Approximately 3900 feet of total elevation gain

When: August 21-23, 2020 - See Event Schedule Below 

  • The BIKE Meet Ups will begin, promptly, at 7:30AM EST on August 22nd and August 23rd
  • The RUNs must begin within 10 minutes after finishing each BIKE
  • Results must be submitted prior to 3:30 PM EST
  • The SWIM can take place at any time between 12PM EST on August 21st and 3:30 PM EST on August 23rd, as outlined in the RACE GUIDE

Event Schedule

August 21st

  • 12PM EST - Event officially begins

August 22nd

  • 7:30AM EST - ZWIFT Meet Up Begins (36mi Watopia's Dust in the Wind)

  • 3.8mi RUN must be started within 10 minutes of BIKE finish

August 23rd

  • 7:30AM EST - ZWIFT Meet Up Begins (20mi Watopia's Muir and the Mountain)

  • 9.3mi RUN be started within 10 minutes of BIKE finish

  • 3:30 PM EST - Event officially ends, and all results must have been submitted via the provided online web-form

  • 7:00PM EST - Results posted HERE

Required 'Equipment' Guidlelines

The following are must-haves, in order to be able to participate in the virtual race series.

  • A working GPS device for swimming and/or running, connected to either STRAVA and/or Garmin Connect.

  • A publicly viewable STRAVA and/or Garmin Connect account.

  • A working ZWIFT account.

  • A 'smart-trainer' connected to ZWIFT, or a traditional trainer with a working based-based power meter that is connected to ZWIFT. You may NOT use a traditional trainer with a wheel-speed sensor connected to ZWIFT.

  • The ability to adjust bike frame choice within the ZWIFT game, between road and TT, and vice-versa. For this event a Time Trial bike, within the ZWIFT game, is required. You, the human, may ride any bike you'd like, but your ZWIFTer must be on a TT bike.