QT2 Coaches

Dave Zimmet

QT2 Level 1 Coach


Dave grew up competing a mix of sports and martial arts throughout his school years. After college, Dave fell in love with mountain biking and focused on 24 hour solo racing for a few years. Triathlon caught his attention as a way to build on his experience with 24 hour racing and he has been hooked ever since. After a few years of self-coaching and working off of generic training plans, Dave hit a significant plateau in long course triathlon. Simply "working harder” wasn't getting him the results he wanted, so he decided to hire a coach. 

After a short time training under coach Doug MacLean of QT2 Systems, Dave has gone from merely aspiring to a top 10 age group finish to consistently qualifying for the Ironman World Championships. 

Seeing the difference that focusing on QT2's five cornerstones – and working smarter rather than harder can make – made Dave rolled up his sleeves and dug in to the methodologies that make QT2 coaches so effective so he could become a coach himself. 

Looking back at his first few years of self-training, Dave believes that most of his fellow age group athletes are likely making the same mistake he did and are focusing only on one of the QT2 cornerstones – the workout itself. As a coach, he hopes to help athletes understand that meaningful performance gains don't come from just putting your head down and grinding as hard as you can. Dave believes that helping athletes focus on things like proper nutrition and recovery, following a proven protocol, and knowing how to pace and fuel a race, will significantly improve their triathlon performance and help them reach their goals.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 1 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level 1
Years With QT2: 3
Years Racing Triathlon: 9