QT2 Coaches

Doug MacLean

QT2 Level 3 Coach


Coach Name: Doug Maclean

Twitter and IG: @djmacandcheeze

Hometown: Vestal, NY

Current Hometown: Boston, MA

Education: BS from Cornell University; MS from University of Michigan

Background: Doug grew up playing basketball, baseball, and volleyball, but then switched to rowing in college, after realizing it was the sport that he had potential to do at a D1-level. After four years in the Navy, Doug dipped his toes into triathlon, and five years later turned PRO, racing at that level for the next eight years. Doug now works for the Environmental Protection Agency, coaches with QT2 Systems, and fits in training where and when he can.

Coaching Experience: Doug has been coaching with QT2 since 2011. Doug coaches amateurs and PROs, sending 20-30% of them to Kona each year. Doug has also organized and conducted his own training camp, coached at QT2 Camps, and presented at a USAT coaching education summit.

Years With QT2: Athlete since 2010, and coach since 2011

Athletic Highlights: Doug won a national title as a college rower, set a 100km  world record on the rowing machine, and raced as a professional triathlete between 2011 and 2019. Doug has broken nine hours in an IRONMAN, six times, run a sub-6 minute beer mile, and for a time in his younger years could dunk a basketball.

Hobbies: Mostly just playing with his dog, trying all of the pizza restaurants in Boston, and taking deep dives into unimportant things on Wikipedia

Why work with QT2 Systems: Because he honestly believes that QT2 Systems is the best and most comprehensive coaching service, and likes everyone he works with

Favorite Quote: “Buy the ticket, take the ride."

Coach Level: QT2 Level 3 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level II Coach, NSCA-CSCS
Years With QT2: 13
Years Racing Triathlon: 15