QT2 Coaches

John Spinney

Training Services Specialist


Coach John is a high-performance coach across several brands at QT2 Systems LLC where he has coached for 12 years (QT2, The Cycling Formula and The Run Formula). John works with committed cyclists, triathletes and runners using a detail-oriented model that has proven to foster success. John uses many tools to identify his athletes’ strengths and weaknesses in an effort to develop a plan that produces, and often exceeds what the athlete thought possible. John has years of experience utilizing heart rate variability via Whoop to monitor the response to training load and ensuring properly timed recovery. For athletes that need it, John has experience and training in reviewing blood work for common vitamin and mineral deficiencies in order to optimize performance. A major component of John’s coaching is his focus on helping his athletes to create and maintain the “daily performance environment”. This includes self-myofascial bodywork for mobility, diet and macro nutrient timing, sleep hygiene and addressing all recovery limiters. Additionally, John can do bike fits for his athletes and thoroughly enjoys running training camps (especially the Vermont Gravel Camp!) and working in a squad atmosphere, where everyone is pushed beyond their comfort zone. John believes in utilizing adventure, wherever possible, as a tool to build fitness. John’s athletes consistently set PRs year-to-year.  On a personal athletic note, John has competed in hundreds of bike races (including gravel races like the Dirty Kanza 200 now referred to as Unbound) and running races (including mountain running races) plus over 200 triathlons since the age of 14 including 13 Ironmans and twice competed at Ironman Hawaii. He currently spends a lot of time backcountry skiing, riding gravel and riding his mountain bike and adventuring with his wife in Stowe, Vermont.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 3 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I Coach
Years With QT2: 13
Years Racing Triathlon: 23