QT2 Systems Coaching Levels:

Prior to being approved to instruct clients, all QT2 coach candidates are vigorously trained in the QT2 coaching, nutrition, and training protocols....this is typically a 6-10 month process. In addition to that training, all coaches are required to meet the following criteria (dependant on QT2 coach level):

QT2 Level 1 Criteria:

QT2 Level 2 Criteria (any one of the following):

QT2 Level 3 Criteria (any one of the following):

These criteria ensure that your coach is second to none in terms of knowledge and coaching ability. This ultimately helps get you across the finish line faster! All coaches have access to QT2's significant coaching knowledge database which is based on our experience in working with athletes at the highest level of sport.

Note: In addition to the requirements above, all coach level placements/changes must be approved by the coach development coordinator and QT2 head coach based on candidate's knowledge of the QT2 protocol.

For any questions on these criteria or if you are interested in becoming a QT2 Coach, Please contact:

Jesse Kropelnicki, MS

[email protected]