QT2 Coaches

Molly Zahr

QT2 Level 2 Coach


Molly started her athletic career as a basketball player. After college, and needing a new challenge, she did her first triathlon in 2002. During that season she also completed her first half ironman, struggling to the finish in a time of 6:20. She coached herself for several years, using information she found in books and on the internet and managed to complete several Ironmans including qualifying for and participating in the Ironman World Championship. After an injury-plagued 2008 season, Molly signed up with QT2 under the guidance of coach Jesse and has successfully managed to come back healthy and stronger under the QT2 protocol, and Jesse's help. After coaching several athletes on her own, Molly became a QT2 coach in 2009 and hopes to help other athletes achieve their goals using the motivation and drive that has fueled her own successful racing. She has completed 10 Ironman races, including three Ironman age group wins and three Kona finishes with a PR of 10:11:35 in Lake Placid. She has also completed many half Ironman's, with a current PR of 4:44, including two trips to Clearwater. In addition to these long course events, Molly has completed dozens of other triathlons and running races over the past 8 years. Molly hopes to be able to use her racing experience and coaching knowledge through QT2's proven training protocol to help the athletes she coaches to reach their potential.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 2 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I Coach
Years With QT2: 12
Years Racing Triathlon: 20