QT2 Coaches

Rodney Scott

Technical Director


Rodney is a USAT Level I certified coach who wants to help others reach success, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that he has personally experienced. As a top high school cross-country and track distance runner in the state of Ohio and a Division I scholarship athlete for the University of Iowa in the 1990s, Rodney comes from a strong running background. As a freshman at Iowa, Rodney finished 6th in the country at Junior Nationals in the 1500m and was a top 25 finisher in the Big Ten Cross Country Conference Championship as a sophomore. With a promising start to his collegiate career, things quickly unraveled as a junior with a lack of training at appropriate intensity levels, proper recovery, and many of the protocols that are core to the QT2 philosophy. An overtraining downward spiral quickly ensued that left his competitive tank on empty. Physically and mentally drained, it would be over a decade before the competitive spirit rekindled. With 60 pounds to lose and in desperate need for a lifestyle change, Rodney discovered the sport of triathlon, quickly becoming a true student of the sport. It was a second chance, and he was determined to avoid his mistakes of the past. Shortly thereafter, with a thirst for knowledge, Rodney discovered and joined QT2 Systems as a coached One-on-One athlete. He immediately saw the strengths in QT2’s methodologies, with its sound principles and attention to detail. By working with and learning from Coach Doug, he developed a strong passion to become a credible resource in the sport, and strives to leverage his experience to help others reach their truest potential. With a strong analytical background in both professional work experience (software developer and research analyst) and education (MS in Engineering and MBA), Rodney has a unique skill set to help athletes navigate the vast amounts of quantitative training /race data available today. His ability to analyze and interpret this data and draw on personal experience in the sport will go a long way in helping others to navigate these complexities to reach their own goals.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 2 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I Coach
Years With QT2: 10
Years Racing Triathlon: 12