QT2 Coaches

Vinny Johnson

QT2 Level 3 Coach


With a background in collegiate swimming, competing in triathlons for 19 years, and teaching Anatomy and Physiology for the past 13 years Vinny brings a solid background to coaching. Vinny has experienced first hand, that we aren't born fast, we become fast. This can't be accomplished on your own. Vinny believes that becoming a better endurance athlete needs to be designed and cultivated by training cycles that focus on ways that can best enhance your own strengths, yet improve personal limitations. This will make you race faster than you ever thought you were capable of. Vinny has an Ironman PR of 9:32:58 at Lake Placid, and is a Kona qualifier. Vinny's curiosity in the field of human performance in endurance events as driven him to understand all the aspects of how we as athletes can improve consistently over time. Vinny's ability to take complex training philosophies, and break them down into understandable terms is something that he practices every day in the classroom setting. Knowledge is speed, so he views imparting knowledge to his athletes in understandable ways as a vital component to enhancing their abilities. Vinny has followed training plans in books, on websites, or used suggestions from forums to find ways to properly train. These means never got him to his potential. It wasn't until he used plans from QT2 Systems; designed to address his personal needs that he began to be able to push his potential to its limits. Having someone in your corner that holds you accountable each day is how he views his role as coach. The plan design is the easy part. The execution of that plan to the letter is what the coach/athlete relationship is all about. How are we going to move through the ups and downs of months of training to get you to the start line at 100%, and ready to execute your potential on race day. Training is a fluid process, and it is only through constant monitoring, communication and adjustments that "we" will get "you" to have the best races of your life. Knowing that someone is in your corner, rooting for you each workout, yet identifying to you constantly things you can do along the way to improve your training experience is vital to your growth. Vinny is that trainer in the corner, and after each round he will let you know what you are doing well, but will also tell you what you now need to do to make the next round better. Vinny's true expertise is in the area of swim technique and training. Over the years, he developed a high understanding of the training protocols, pacing, and nutrition aspects of our sport to ensure that his clients will not miss out on any variable that will make them race fast. No stone will be left unturned with Vinny as a coach.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 3 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I Coach
Years With QT2: 9
Years Racing Triathlon: 29