COVID-19 Mental Fitness Plan COVID-19 Mental Fitness Plan

COVID-19 Mental Fitness Plan


“Your overall health and well-being—emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical—should always be your number one priority. Without it, nothing else matters.”

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated about the current COVID19 Pandemic and how it’s effected your daily life (ie: training slumps) and especially the current race season? We’re here to help. The COVID 19 Mental Fitness Plan is an individualized plan created to specifically address this time and help you develop your mental fitness toolshed. You and your coach will work together to develop a practical “RACE” plan (Recognize Accept Control Excel), so that when we settle in to the new normal and get back to performance racing- you’re firing on all cylinders!! Remember, you’re a better person when you take care of yourself. #weareinthistogether

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Our mental fitness race protocol plans are paid lump sum up front. There are no refunds for our mental fitness race protocol plans. Your mental fitness coach will be in touch with you within 48 hours of purchase to get started on your plan! If you choose ongoing support, there is a two (2) period minimum before being able to cancel.  

This Package Includes:

  • An initial questionnaire to be completed for your mental fitness coach
  • A 30-minute telephone call, to discuss the initial questionnaire more “in-depthly”, and/or considerations not listed
  • An Individualized mental fitness protocol plan, based upon the initial questionnaire, the 30-minute telephone call, and general race goals
  • This plan will address areas including taper, race week, race morning, the event, as well as post-event assessment considerations
  • In-person or phone consultation to discuss and go over your prepared individual mental fitness race protocol plan
  • 20% OFF The Core Diet Day-To-Day Nutrition Plan (details here)
  • Options to add post-race processing or follow-up calls.

Add Ongoing Support Option (+$75/28 days)

  • Ongoing email support after your mental fitness race protocol plan consultation, to ensure that you are best able to apply it to your training and racing.
  • Your mental fitness coach will be there to adapt your mental fitness race protocol plan with you, as needed throughout the season.
  • Your mental fitness coach will be available to answer questions and do post-race mental fitness reviews.