QT2 Acquires Cycle Life Studio!

August 01, 2017

QT2 Systems, LLC (QT2) is excited to announce the acquisition of Cycle Life Studio, in Whitman, Massachusetts (http://www.cyclelifestudio.com).  Cycle Life is New England’s premier, all-inclusive indoor cycling studio, catering to both indoor and outdoor cyclists, as well a local home-base for triathletes.  The purchase comes from Bike Barn Racing (http://www.bikebarnracing.com), also of Whitman, MA, who will continue to serve as an important local partner, supporting Cycle Life, and the cycling needs of its athletes.

QT2 Systems completed the acquisition agreement with Cycle Life Studio on August 1, 2017.  In Cycle Life, QT2 sees great opportunity to build the brand beyond what it has already become.  The Cycle Life studio is a state-of-the-art facility, housing 24 Keiser M3 Indoor Cycles, 11 TRX systems, as well as 16 Computrainers, and the cutting edge PerfPro software, for athlete performance, and the ability to ride any course in the world.  If QT2 had initially designed this studio, itself, it would have been nearly identical to what it is today. 

As part of this acquisition, and in addition to the services already offered, QT2 will offer triathlon coaching through its ORR brand (http://www.outrivalracing.com), cycling coaching through its Cycling Formula brand (https://www.thecyclingformula.com), and nutrition services through its Core Diet brand (http://www.thecorediet.com).  QT2 also looks forward to offering a local presence for its Run Formula brand  (http://www.therunformula.com). 

As an enhancement to what already exists in the Cycle Life Studio, in the coming weeks, clients of the studio should look forward to more robust programs that are strongly influenced by QT2's philosophies, a NormaTec recovery center, expanded membership options, nutrition services via registered dietitians, treadmills, and child care to help make cycling more convenient for the busy parent. QT2 will also use the Cycle Life location as a home base for it's meetings, clinics, and events.  

With Cycle Life, QT2 Systems, LLC is now able to provide its industry partners with a much larger reach, placing them directly in front of the athletes who they are trying to engage.  

“I am very confident that this will be a significant step in the development of the QT2 brands, most specifically in bringing our OutRival Racing brand to the Northeast.  We are also very excited, as this is just the opportunity that we have always looked for, but never found.  Until now.  I love the facility, and the programs that it offers.  It is the perfect venue to meld our brands, and the industry partnerships that we enjoy", said Jesse Kropelnicki, Founder & Managing Director of QT2 Systems.  

In order to kick things off, and encourage new local athletes to check out the studio, Cycle Life will be offering 40% off of all classes purchased through August 8th! It should also be noted that clients of the QT2 family of training brands will receive 40% off of ALL sessions at the studio year round.  If you are local to the studio, and looking for coaching, this is a no-brainer!  Clients of the studio will now also receive discounts on The Core Diet nutrition services and weight loss programs via it's registered dietitians. 

For more information on Cycle Life, go to www.cyclelifestudio.com.

Cycle Life Studio 

New England’s premier, all-inclusive indoor cycling studio, catering to both indoor and outdoor cyclists.  Cycle Life has training programs tailored for every ability level, from the purely indoor or beginner recreational cyclist to the seasoned, committed athlete. Whether you are a triathlete, looking to improve your time in an upcoming race, or a busy parent looking to maintain your fitness level, you have found the right place. Cycle Life staff is committed to helping you achieve your individual goals.  A local fitness studio, committed to improving fitness and well-being through cycling while providing personalized services for everyone.  

QT2 Systems, LLC

QT2 Systems, LLC is a family of brands dedicated to helping endurance athletes achieve their goals, the world over.  From professional athletes to the athlete just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, QT2 Systems, LLC focuses on athletic performance through their QT2, OutRival Racing, Run Formula, Cycling Formula, Core Diet, and now Cycle Life Studio brands.  Founded in 2006, in Boston, MA, QT2 Systems, LLC's family of brands has grown to be  the world's largest, most comprehensive, and highest quality providers of endurance sports services in the marketplace.