Clermont FL Age Group Elite Camp

November 12, 2014

After having run many successful PRO Camps, QT2 Systems will now be offering a "PRO Camp experience" to top-level age groupers that meet certain criteria.

The first of these elite age group camps will start on Monday, February 9th at 7:30am, and end on Thursday, February 12th at 2pm in Clermont FL, the day before the QT2 PROs will be arriving for their own 17-day training camp.

The typical QT2 age group training camp is very hands on, with all meals provided, and numerous presentations by QT2 coaches and staff. The new elite age group camp will be unlike anything QT2 has previously offered to age group athletes.  Athletes will have no idea what each day's schedule will be, until they are on the pool deck, each morning.  Even then, the schedule may change midway throughout the day or through a workout, based upon how an athlete has recovered from the previous day's training.  QT2 will provide one meal, throughout the camp, and one high-level presentation, along with a Q/A.  QT2 will have three coaches present and will be accepting only 12 athletes for this unique opportunity.

Come join us in sunny Florida and find out what makes QT2 athletes some of the best and most consistent athletes on the planet.  Sign up HERE.

In order to be eligible for this camp, you must have had qualified for IM Hawaii or 70.3 World Championship's within the last two years.