Ironman World Championships - Another Race for QT2 Systems' Athletes

October 18, 2013

As if getting to one of the most iconic endurance events in the world isn't hard enough, those who do qualify are typically faced with the added obstacle of nature's wrath, Hawaiian style.  In other words, sun, heat, and extreme humidity.  Add to that the ferocious winds that typically greet the competitors, and it's clear that racing in the Ironman World Championship is never an easy task.  It is known as the most difficult single day event, for a reason.  Luckily for the athletes, this year was more tame than most.

A strong ride, by QT2 PRO Caitlin Snow, kept her in the hunt, throughout the day, but her 2:58:53 marathon catapulted her into 6th place, overall, and 1st American.

In the age-group race, top team honors for an age-group placement went to Kathryn Thomas who's 9:46:22 was good enough for a 3rd place finish in the F30-34 division, and 8th overall amateur.  On the men's side, Ray Botelho scorched the bike in 4:44:14, on his way to an 8th place finish in the M40-44 category, and finishing off the best season of his long career.

Overall, the team results, which include both professional and age-groupers, were incredible. 12 QT2 Systems athletes finished in under 10 hours, with five more under 11 hours, and a total of 22 athletes in under 12 hours!

Congratulations to all who competed!  After a long season of training and racing, these athletes can now enjoy some much needed rest and recovery.  We are very proud of each and every one of you!

Some final team statistics: 14 men, and 13 women, competed | Average finishing time was 10:35| Median finishing time was 10:10

But, it wasn't only about the race, this year!  In addition to the annual pre-race carbo-load breakfast, at Denny's, QT2 co-hosted two additional race week gatherings.  On Wednesday night, while racers were fast asleep, QT2 co-hosted an industry night, complete with open bar, and dancing.  Following the race, on Sunday afternoon/evening, and with the help of partners Blue Seventy and Quintana Roo, QT2 held an ocean side cocktail hour, for all of our athletes and their families.

In all, QT2 put 15 first time Kona participants on the starting line!

As always, thanks again to all of our sponsors, who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport; Quintana Roo, Pearl Izumi, Normatec MVP, FastSplits Multisport, Powerbar, FuelBelt, Blue Seventy, Rudy Project, Be Well Boston, Nuun, SRM, Woodway USA, Chris Johnson PT,, Dr.SearsZone, Wells Fargo Advisors, Salmon Health and Retirement, and,   

Those receiving awards included:

Caitlin Snow - 9:10:12, 6th PRO Female
Kathryn Thomas - 9:46:22, 3rd  F30-34

Those in the top - 10 of their respective divisions:

Caitlin Snow - 9:10:12, 6th PRO Female
Ray Botelho - 9:16:27, 8th M40-44
Kathryn Thomas - 9:46:22, 3rd F30-34
John Wilson - 10:10:54, 8th M55-59

QT2 Full Results - 2013 Ironman World Champsionships

Caitlin Snow - 9:10:12, 6th PRO Female *2:58:53 Marathon - 2nd fastest of all women
Rodney Scott - 9:14:27
Ray Botelho - 9:16:27, 8th M40-44 *2nd Fastest Bike
Matt Curbeau - 9:24:05
Jessie Donavan - 9:25:16, 13th PRO Female
Rich Burke - 9:25:22, 10th M45-49
Julian Underwood - 9:30:10
Derek Delmonico - 9:36:41
Jennie Hansen - 9:37:29
Kim Schwabenbauer - 9:45:08
Kathryn Thomas - 9:46:22, 3rd F30-34 *2nd Fastest Swim, 3rd Fastest Bike & Run
Alex Begg - 9:55:41 *2nd Fastest Swim
Steven Quinn - 10:09:36
John Wilson - 10:10:54, 8th M55-59
Jayson DeAngelis - 10:11:19
Joe Redmond - 10:13:58
Brigitte Paulick - 10:23:00
Audra Adair - 10:54:55
Christine Kogut - 11:12:11
Carl Hefflefinger - 11:24:54
Russett Morrow - 11:38:25
Kathryn Weiler - 11:45:15
Deborah Bernardes - 11:50:03
Doug Hern - 12:33:53
Janet Barnes - 12:44:17
Andrew McMurray- 12:49:28
Della Jennings - 14:02:5