8 More Kona Slots Earned at Ironman Lake Placid for QT2 Systems athletes!

July 28, 2015

You never know what to expect come Ironman weekend and this year was no different in Lake Placid.  What started out as a normal pre-race Saturday ended up being a tragic reminder that life can change in an instant.  When a fire broke out in a lake-side building late Saturday afternoon and lasted for hours, engulfing all of downtown Lake Placid (including Mirror Lake) with smoke, the question was if the swim would even take place.  But come race morning, a waste prevention boom had been put in place on the lake and thankfully the race went on as scheduled.

Weather in Lake Placid is never a known factor. Much better than the 2014 version when thunder and lightening shortened the swim course, the 2015 weather proved to be significantly better for all athletes throughout the swim and bike portions of the race.  Overcast skies and cooler temperatures provided some hope that the day might prove to be extremely fast!  That is, until the sun came out on the run.  As Mike Reilly mentioned at the awards ceremony, when the sun came out it felt as if the temperature jumped 10-15 degrees in an instant.

It was this heat that really proved to be the downfall of many athletes.  For those athletes not accustomed to following a power profile, the cooler temperatures during the bike leg gave many athletes much false comfort resulting in too much energy being expended early in the race with not enough left in the tank to run a marathon.

QT2 Athletes’ results reflected our true commitment to discipline and following their individual race plan. In all, 8 QT2 Systems athletes earned Kona slots on Sunday.  

Our QT2 AG Athletes boasted incredible results given the toughness of the day: One (1) First-Place Finish, Two (2) Second-Place Finishes, (3) Third-Place Finishes and (3) Fourth-Place Finishes. Fourteen (14) athletes finished in the top-10 of their respective age-group divisions. Three (3) athletes finished under 10 hours, eight (8) athletes finished under 11 hours and seven (7) athletes finished under 12 hours!

With eight (8) more QT2 Systems athletes punching their tickets to Kona Ironman World Championships this October, our current total hits 26 QT2 Systems PRO's and age-group athletes. 

QT2 AG Athletes going to Kona IMWC: Dan Moore (M30-34), Graham Brodock (M30-34), Rooney Castle (M25-29), Tim Gerry (M40-44), Tim Snow (M40-44), Daniel Szajta (M25-29), Justin Arnosky (M25-29), and Mary Duprey (F55-59).

A huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport; a special thanks again to Quintana Roo for sponsoring the pre-race carbo-load breakfast on Saturday morning.

Also thanks to:
Pearl Izumi, Normatec MVP, Trisports.com, Powerbar, Beat Your MarkFuelbeltSmith Optics, Blue Seventy, Shimano,Fuel for Fire, Base Performance, Boco Gear, Beet Performer, SRM, Perfect Fuel Chocolate, Dr.SearsZone, and NUUN.

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QT2 AG Athletes receiving awards included:

Dan Moore; 9:34:12, 2nd M30-34 

Graham Brodock; 9:52:55, 4th M30-34 

Rooney Castle; 9:57:29, 2nd M25-29 

Tim Gerry; 10:02:24, 3rd M40-44 

Tim Snow; 10:03:19, 4th M40-44 

Daniel Szajta; 10:04:51, 3rd M25-29 

Justin Arnosky; 10:07:36, 4th M25-29 

Britney Wilson; 11:26:12, 3rd F30-34

Mary Duprey; 11:48:10, 1st F55-59 

QT2 AG Athlete Results; 2015 Ironman Lake Placid

Dan Moore; 9:34:12, 2nd M30-34 *Kona Slot 

Graham Brodock; 9:52:55, 4th M30-34 *Kona Slot 

Rooney Castle; 9:57:29, 2nd M25-29 *Kona Slot Declined

Tim Gerry; 10:02:24, 3rd M40-44 *Kona Slot 

Tim Snow; 10:03:19, 4th M40-44 *Kona Slot 

Daniel Szajta; 10:04:51, 3rd M25-29 *Kona Slot 

Justin Arnosky; 10:07:36, 4th M25-29 *Kona Slot Declined 

Andrew Cruz; 10:14:18, 9th M30-34 

Adam York; 10:28:38, 6th M25-29 

David Miles; 10:38:34, M30-34 

Matt Engle; 10:42:57, M35-39 

Colin Goldsmith; 11:01:23, M35-39 

Don Ross; 11:21:24, M50-54

Britney Wilson; 11:26:12, 3rd, F30-34

Cynthia Bartus; 11:34:47,F35-39

Michael Cassineri; 11:40:36, M40-44

Mary Duprey; 11:48:10, 1st, F55-59 *Kona Slot Declined

Christine Doherty; 11:56:20, F30-34

Amy Garrison; 12:03:55, F45-49

Kate Weiler; 12:05:56, F30-34

Lynn Cunningham; 12:22:43, F50-54

Kathy Laska; 12:26:41, F40-44

Sam Farnsworth; 12:38:35, M55-59

Debra DiMuzio; 12:49:17, F35-39

Malia Koppin; 12:51:36, F30-34

Jackie Miller; 13:15:32, F45-49

Alan Stevenson; 13:19:48, M30-34

Julie Reidy; 13:24:44, F40-44

Michael Bergstein; 13:28:55, M55-59

Tushar Virmani; 13:29:23, M35-39

Jim Lewis; 13:29:33, M55-59

Stephen Desio; 14:33:26, M50-54

David Wilson; 16:51:22, M65-69

Barbara Tardiff; *No Time Displayed

Matt Hodge; *No Time Displayed

Russett Morrow; *No Time Displayed

Next Stop: Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 14th, 2015. See you then!