QT2 Systems Athletes Shine Again at Ironman Lake Placid & Internationally

July 30, 2013

In its 15th year, Ironman Lake Placid is not only one of the toughest courses on the worldwide Ironman circuit, it is also one of the most popular.  With a very challenging and technical bike course, and a marathon that most athletes fear, the course is tailor made for QT2 athletes.

Having said that, this past Sunday's performance by QT2 athletes, at Ironman Lake Placid, was once again spectacular! Two of the top 8 female professionals were QT2 coached women, including the overall winner! That makes 3 out of the past 6 years where a different QT2 female has won the race.  In total, Eighteen athletes, male and female, PRO and age-group, alike, were in the top-10 of their respective divisions! Six athletes finished in under ten hours, 16 athletes finished in under eleven hours, and 26 athletes finished in under twelve hours!

QT2 Systems athlete, and PRO, Jennie Hansen earned her first professional Ironman victory, having finished 2nd here in 2012, with the third fastest bike and fastest run split of the day (5:20:25 and 3:05:04). This was a seven-minute improvement on the marathon from 2012. PRO Jacqui Gordon fought off some severe respiratory issues to take 8th place in 10:17:35. PRO Doug Maclean had the race of his young career finishing in 9:08:49, good for 8th place. PRO Pat Wheeler also had a very solid day finishing in 10th place with a PR of 9:20:05.

Two of the twenty-eight age-group athletes raced in their first Ironman. 13 had run-splits in the top ten of their respective division with nine of those being in the top 5! We also placed six athletes in the top-23 overall. 

Nine more athletes either punched their tickets to the World Championships in Kona this coming October, or chose to decline their spot, bringing our current total to 14 QT2 Systems athletes heading to the Big Island; Matt Curbeau (M25-29), Rich Burke (M45-49), Dave Sousa (M45-49), Katie Thomas (F30-34), Russett Morrow (F40-44), Christine Kogut (F40-44), Debi Bernardes (F55-59), Doug Hern (M60-64), and Janet Barnes (F55-59).

As always, thanks again to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport; a special thanks again to QuintanaRoo for sponsoring the pre-race carbo-load breakfast on Saturday morning. Also thanks to:

Pearl Izumi, Normatec MVP, Powerbar, Fuelbelt, Fast:Splits Multisport, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, NuunWells Fargo AdvisorsSaltStick, SRM, Dr.SearsZone, Be Well Boston and Salmon Health & Retirement.

Those receiving awards included:
Matt Curbeau - 9:26:31, 2nd M25-29
Rich Burke - 9:33:31, 2nd M45-49
Jennie Hansen - 9:35:04, 1st PRO Female
Katie Thomas - 10:09:16, 1st F30-34, 1st OA Amateur
Amy Javens - 10:32:07, 2nd F30-34
Russett Morrow - 11:00:13, 3rd F40-44
Christine Kogut - 11:04:15, 4th F40-44
Debi Bernardes - 11:28:52, 1st F55-59
Doug Hern - 11:32:37 2nd M60-64
Janet Barnes - 12:22:24 2nd F55-59

QT2 athletes had to battle some wet conditions early on which made the first major descent of the day rather harrowing. The remainder of the day rewarded everyone with almost ideal conditions.

Not to be outdone, QT2 would also like to acknowledge the significant accomplishments of two athletes who raced internationally, over the weekend.  Portugal's Pedro Gomes WON the Challenge Vitoria, against a field of world-class competitors!  Alongside this, American Stephanie Jones finished 6th overall female, at Ironman Switzerland, against a very competitive field! 

Next Stop: Boulder 70.3 on August 4th, 2013 and Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 25th, 2013. See you then!

QT2 Results - 2013 Ironman Lake Placid

Doug MacLean - 9:08:49,  7th Pro Male 
Pat Wheeler - 9:20:05, 10th Pro Male
Tim Snow - 9:25:39
Matt Curbeau - 9:26:31, 2nd M25-29 *Kona Slot
Rich Burke - 9:33:31, 2nd M45-49 *Kona Slot
Jennie Hansen - 9:35:06, 1st Pro Female *3:05:04 Marathon - Fastest of all women
Brad Strater - 10:02:34
Dave Sousa - 10:03:36, 8th M45-49 *Kona Slot Declined
John Spinney - 10:06:14
Katie Thomas - 10:09:16, 1st F30-34 *Fastest Age-Group Woman  *Kona Slot
Jeremy Cornman - 10:11:50
Kyle Strater - 10:12:47, 6th M25-29 *1st Ironman
John Dunbar - 10:14:15, M40-44 *1st Ironman
Jacqui Gordon - 10:17:35, 8th Pro Female
David Welby - 10:31:10, 10th M25-29
Amy Javens - 10:32:07, 2nd F40-44
Russett Morrow - 11:00:13, 3rd F40-44 *Kona Slot
Christine Kogut - 11:04:15, 4th F40-44
*Kona Slot
Paul Mikuszewski - 11:24:17
Debi Bernardes - 11:28:52, 1st F55-59
*Kona Slot
Andrew Seefried - 11:29:59
*:60 PR
Doug Hern - 11:32:37, 2ndth M60-64
Joanne Orce - 11:32:39, 10th F40-44   
Glenn Hamroff - 11:37:47 *:27 PR
Todd Hedges - 11:43:58
Dave White - 11:45:14 *1st Ironman
Kathy Laska - 12:04:04
Janet Barnes - 12:22:24, 2nd F55-59 *Kona Slot
Ken Cleback - 12::42:06
Debi Caprio - 12:59:04 *1st Ironman
Brad Loescher - 13:09:59
Barbara Tardiff - 13:35:58, 7th F55-59 
Michael Bergstein - 15:03:33 *1st Ironman