Ironman Kalmar, Sweden, Timberman 70.3, Ironman Mont-Tremblant

August 22, 2013

The third weekend of August proved to be quite busy, both domestically and abroad!

On the professional front, the weekend began in Kalmar, Sweden where PRO Pedro Gomes produced the fastest bike split of the day and went on to win Ironman Sweden, in a time of 8:19:30.

This success spilled over into Sunday as both the Timberman 70.3 and Ironman Mont-Tremblant were taking place. PRO’s Chris Baird and Jessie Donavan each found themselves on the podium, and in 4th place with times of 3:59:31 and 4:32:33, respectively, at the Timberman 70.3. Chris’ run time of 1:13:11 was the fastest of the day, by over three minutes and a course record. Just north of the border, in the Quebec province of Canada, Ironman Mont-Tremblant saw PRO’s Kim Schwabenbauer and Jennie Hansen finish a grueling day, very strongly, and with the race's two fastest marathon times in 3:03:45 and 3:04:34, respectively.

In Timberman's age-group race, athletes Rich Burke and Alex Begg stole the show. Each took home 2nd place divisional finishes, with blazing times of 4:21:08 and 4:31:15. Alex had the fastest swim and bike splits for his 50-54 AG, while both athletes finished with their division’s 2nd fastest run splits! In all, 20 QT2 Systems age-group athletes raced. Of these, eight finished in fewer than five hours, and seven in under six hours, with four Half-Ironman PR’s.

The age-group athletes at Ironman Mont-Tremblant were not to be outdone. On the men's side, Julian Underwood had the M40-44 AG's fastest run split of 3:08:40, and went on to win his division in 9:23:54, earning him a much coveted Kona slot. Steven Quinn was next in 9:35:52, good enough for 3rd place M30-34, and another Kona slot. Just behind Steve, was Joe Redmond, who’s time of 9:42:39 was good for 5th M30-34, and yet another ticket to Kona.

For the women, Brigitte Paulick ran a blistering 3:20:08 marathon, the fastest female amateur run, on the day, winning the F35-39 AG, in 10:04:06 and booking a trip to Kona. Next was Kate Weiler who’s time of 10:47:00 earned her a 7th place finish, for F30-34, and a roll-down slot to the World Championships. The final trip to Kona for the day was earned by Della Jennings, who’s time of 11:37:11 was good for a 3rd place finish in the F50-54 AG.

The overall results for the day were spectacular! Seven more athletes earned a trip to the Ironman World Championships, in Kona, this October. There were two division wins, two third-place divisional finishes, seven top-5 finishes, and 10 top-10’s, with two athletes completing their first Ironman distance races!

As always, thanks again to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport:

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Next Stop: The Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI on October 12th, 2013. See you then!

QT2 Results - 2013 Timberman 70.3 - Those receiving awards included:

Chris Baird - 3:59:31,  4th Pro Male 
Rich Burke - 4:21:08, 2nd M45-49
Alex Begg - 4:31:15, 2nd M50-54
Jessie Donavan - 4:32:33, 4th Pro Female

QT2 Results - 2013 Timberman 70.3

Chris Baird - 3:59:31, 4th Pro Male  *1:13:11 1/2 Marathon - Fastest of all men
AJ Baucco - 4:08:26, 8th Pro Male
Tim Tapply - 4:16:54, 12th Pro Male
Rich Burke - 4:21:08, 2nd M45-49 *Vegas Slot
Alex Begg - 4:31:5, 2nd M50-54 *Vegas Slot
Jessie Donavan - 4:32:33,  4th Pro Female
Paul Cavanaugh - 4:35:59
Derek Delmonico - 4:44:27
Ken Szekretar Jr - 4:44:31 * :7 PR
David Miles - 4:51:47
Keith Manning - 4:55:31
Matt Coyne - 4:59:26 * :9 PR
Tory Smith - 5:05:11 * :25 PR
Rob Strachan - 5:06:59
Kristin Lawhorn - 5:08:19 * 1ST 70.3
Jim Lewis - 5:16:37
Megan Annett - 5:28:52 * :12 PR
Barbara Cassano-Miles - 5:34:50

Anthony Straceski - 5:47:58
Matt Hodge - 6:00:39

Sarah Rupprecht - 6:10:34

Shannon Porges - 6:23:25
Aubrielle Tesa - 6:27:52 * 1ST 70.3  

QT2 Results - 2013 Ironman Mont-Tremblant - Those receiving awards included:

Kim Schwabenbauer - 9:23:02, 5th Pro Female 
Julian Underwood - 9:23:54, 1st M40-44 *Kona Slot
Steven Quinn - 9:35:52, 3rd M30-34 *Kona Slot
Joe Redmond - 9:42:39, 5th M30-34 *Kona Slot
Brigitte Paulick - 10:04:06,1st F35-39 *Kona Slot
Della Jennings - 11:37:11, 3rd F50-54 *Kona Slot
Betsy Fader -11:52:39, 5th F50-54

QT2 Results - 2013 Ironman Mont-Tremblant

Kim Schwabenbauer - 9:23:02, 5th Pro Female 
Julian Underwood - 9:23:54, 1st M40-44 *Kona Slot
Jennie Hansen - 9:24:46, 6th Pro Female
Steven Quinn - 9:35:52, 3rd M30-34 *Kona Slot *:42 PR
Joe Redmond - 9:42:39, 5th M30-34 *Kona Slot
Jayson DeAngelis - 9:56:05
Dan Szajta - 9:59:08 *:52 PR
Brigitte Paulick - 10:04:06,1st F35-39 *Kona Slot  *:66 PR 2nd OA AG
Jacqui Gordon - 10:18:14
Toyin Fayemi - 10:06:14 *:78 PR
Jay Glickman - 10:28:45
Kate Weiler - 10:47:00 *Kona Slot  *:26PR
Amanda Kourtz - 10:51:24
Sophie Evans - 11:07:52 *1st Ironman
Jennifer Jacobs - 11:29:28
Della Jennings - 11:37:11, 3rd F50-54 *Kona Slot
Sam Farnsworth - 11:41:49
Kendra McDowell - 11:45:35 *1st Ironman
Leslie Why - 11:52:17
Betsy Fader - 11:52:39, 5th F50-54
Kevin McIntyre - 12:06:54
Bonnie Underwood - 12:15:34
Mary Eggers - 12:49:20
Jeff Rose - 13:02:16
Lisa Goodkin - 13:11:48 *1st Ironman
Mark DeMello - 13:51:32
Bill Gormley - 13:57:51 *1st Ironman
David Laskey - 14:21:51