QT2Systems Athletes Are Set to Race Kona!

October 06, 2014

It's race week in Kona, HI which means the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championship is this Sunday, October 11th! For some athletes who qualified at year's end in 2013, this is a very long time in coming. For others, including the professional athletes, this culminates a very long year that included hours upon hours of training, racing, traveling and just balancing life, work and play! 2014 marks another strong year of athlete qualification for the big race.The continued growth of the QT2 Systems representation at the Ironman World Championship is a testament to the success and committment not only of our training program but also the on-going dedication of the athletes who join us. 

In 2014 QT2 Systems will be represented by 5 professional athletes and 31 age-group athletes. This is an amazing number considering how difficult it is to achieve this success. We thought it would be great to give a brief preview of those professional and age-group athletes alike who will be starting the race this coming Sunday. 

Linsey Corbin

Professional Triathlete

Favorite Cliff Bar Flavor:CLIF Bar Sierra Trail Mix for training and Tropical Fruit CLIF Shot Blocks for racing
Favorite movie on the trainer: Linsey doesn't watch movies! Her go to Pandora Station is LCD Soundsystem

Linsey is one of the top American Triathletes and is known for her "Montana Made" credo and her energetic disposition. 10 years as a pro and 16 Ironman's under her belt, Linsey came to Jesse and QT2 last year and has won both her Ironman races this year. Well-known for crossing the finish line in her signature cowboy hat, less well-known is that she doesn't like bananas! Linsey resides in Bend, Oregon with her golden retriever, Madison, and is learning to play guitar!

Words from Linsey:"Ironman racing is no small task - even for the professionals, something is bound to go wrong on race day. Ironman racing is all about keeping a level-head, thinking on your toes and problem solving throughout the day. When something isn't going your way - find the positives, hang in there for 5 or 10 more minutes and just know it will get better at some point. Also - have some fun! That's the whole reason we are out there doing this crazy sport! See you all in Kona - I can't wait to eat pancakes, test our limits on the Queen K and race to our best we've got this!!!!"

Learn more about Linsey: linseycorbin.com twitter: @linseycorbin

Kim Schwabenbauer

Professional Triathlete

Kim is a lifelong athlete and had her pro debut in 2012. A graduate of Penn State’s nutrition program, Kim is a pro triathlete, coach, motivational speaker and even an MTV movie star!  She was featured on the show “Made” as she transformed a non-athlete into an Age group 2nd place winner!  From humble roots following her mom on runs, Kim has learned many lessons along the way, but now has developed a more “philosophical” outlook.  In Triathlete magazine, Kim said “I’ve been able to develop a love and understanding of the sport that goes way beyond the finish line, from the places I get to travel to the incredible people I meet.”

Learn more about Kim: Fuelyourpassion.net

Cait Snow

Professional Triathlete

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Milk Chocolate Brownie
Favorite movie on the trainer this year: Tommy Boy

Last year, Cait was the top American woman at the Ironman World Championship and is one of the original QT2 athletes and coaches. From Brockton, MA and married to Coach Tim Snow of QT2.  Cait is known for her super-fast run, but did you know that Cait played the cello for 6 years and likes deep fried oreos?   In an interview with ESPN, Cait said , “My biggest goal is always to be as tough as I can. If I leave everything out on the course, when I cross that finish line, I can't be anything but happy."

Words from Cait:

“Stay in the moment.  (Focus on what you can control RIGHT NOW, not what lies ahead, or may have happened already, and especially not what others are doing.)”

Learn more about Cait:

Caitsnow.com twitter: @cait_snow

Beth Shutt

Professional Triathlete

Learn more about Beth: @BethShutt

Justin Arnosky

AG 25-29

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Cookie Dough

Favorite movie on the bike trainer: Pumping Iron

Justin is going on his second trip to Kona this year and “aging-up” to the 25-29 AG.  He has been doing triathlons since college at the University of Michigan.  This past year, Justin has been working hard to refocus and reboot the season after a flat tire killed his race at 70.3 worlds in 2013.  His next race in Austin earned him a huge PR and his fastest half-marathon split off the bike.  Justin lives in Houston, TX and works as a laser engineer and enjoys a good meal. 

Words from Justin:

“As an athlete who spends a lot of his time traveling for work, it takes some discipline, perseverance, a flexible coach, and certainly some creativity to get the hours in, but grinding away in the most trying of circumstances can produce some of the most mentally durable and driven athletes you'll meet. Needing to be great as opposed to wanting it makes all the difference.”

Twitter: @RealArnotron

Tripp Hipple

AG 25-29

Favorite things to watch on the bike trainer: Paula Newby Fraser hitting the wall circa '95. PAINFUL! The Mark Allen and Dave Scott '89 brawl. CLASSIC! Luc Van Lierde's stellar win in '96. BOSS!  Tripp likes to listen to music and has been listening to Future Islands, St. Lucia, Killswitch Enage (great for intervals), and Beach House. 

Tripp is from Denver and will make his first trip to the Big Island this year with his biggest supporters – Mom and Dad.   His sister and brother-in-law will be cheering him on from Scotland.  Tripp’s family is his foundation and his Christian faith is his bedrock and cherishes the moments when my body, mind, and spirit are totally in sync and he sees the athlete in himself.   First a gymnast, a springboard diver, then a casual runner, now a triathlete! Triathlon has given Tripp many opportunities to grow and rely on his faith. 

Words from Tripp:
“Search yourself. Know why you are doing what you are so passionately persuing day after day. Be patient with yourself. Allow time to celebrate and time to put your nose to the ground. Triathlon is a unique, one-of-a-kind sport that you and I, and people all over this world, are all a part of--and that is awesome!”

Tim Clark

AG 30-34

Favorite Power Bar Flavor: Chocolate
Favorite things to watch on the bike Trainer: old ITU races or Tour De France Stages, but I recently watched ESPN's "Slaying the Badger" which was about Greg Lemond's 1986 TDF win.  

Tim hails from the hipster mecca of Brooklyn. NY and is going to Kona for his first time after doing only one other Ironman.  Wow!  His brothers, sister-in-laws, niece, nephews, and parents think Tim is a little “out there” but support his “fringe” activities and a whole crew of them will be in Hawaii cheering him on!  In addition to Triathlon, Tim is a self-proclaimed nerd as he is a fan-boy of history and science documentaries and once specifically planned a race in Virginia so that he could see the home of Thomas Jefferson afterward.  Tim would like to thank everyone at QT2

Words of Motivation:

"We do these things...not because they are easy, but because they are hard".  JFK

Words from Tim:

“In 2007 I was living in an apartment that burned down.  This started me down a path that eventually saw me run my first marathon which eventually evolved into triathlon.  So, in other words, had my apartment not burned down and had I not met the right people at the right time then I might never have been able to race in Kona.  I guess when life gives you lemons...do an Ironman.  “

Jesse Marquardt

AG 40-44

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Peanut Butter and Jelly
Favorite movie on the Bike Trainer this year: Miracle (1984 hockey team)

From the heartland of Rhinelander, WI Jesse has done 7 Ironman races and will be making his second trip to Kona.  Wife Tracy also races Ironman and the rest of their family thinks they are nuts.  That said, Tracy, Tracy’s parents, and Jesse’s Mom will all be there in Kona supporting.   Due to a tragic paring knife accident “cutting” his burgeoning hand modeling career short, Jesse is a triathlete, hiker, camper, hunter, and snowboarder.  He can also fry up a mean batch of beer batter cheese curds. 

Words from Jesse:

“I was self coached for my first 4 ironman races (7 years total of racing) and my best time IM was 11:45. Over my first three years with QT my IM improved from 10:20 to 10:05 and 9:53. The program works!”

Brigitte Paulick

AG 35-39

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Cookie Dough and Double Latte Gel
Favorite Movie on the Bike Trainer this year: Despicable Me 1 and 2…back to back

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Brigitte is heading to Kona for the 2nd time with her partner, Laura, and the best coach in the world, Tara Rasch and Dave Strassburg.  Unfortunately, her biggest fan, French Bulldog, Gustav has to stay home and guard the home front.   Brigette hit the ground running in 2009 when she ran her first mile  after her friend convinced her to sign up for a sprint tri.  She was also smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for that last 20 years.  Brigitte quit as she was was training for her first IM in 201.  Except for cigarettes, Brigitte is proud to never quit.  In addition to triathlon and working at the store she owns, Friedrich’s Optik, Brigitte loves the outdoors and is a huge foodie.  She loves to wander around NYC going to art exhibits and the opera.  Brigitte would like to recognize the amazing support of the QT2 family saying she would not be where she is today without them.

Words from Brigitte:

“With patience, dedication and commitment I believe you can achieve anything you can dream !!! DREAM BIG !!

John Wilson

AG 55-59

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Favorite thing to watch on the trainer this year: Justified series – huge Elmore Leonard fan.

From New Cannan, CT, John is an Ironman veteran.  He can’t remember exactly how many, but he has done over 20 IMs and this is his 8th time in Kona including 2 top 10 finishes in Kona.   He is the owner and CEO of Cadence Chemical Corp and has son Bryson (24) and daughter, Katarina (18) cheering him from UConn law school and Anna Maria College respectively.  His wife of 31 years, Diane, and the rock of all his races will be going to the big Island with John.  Diane keeps him balance and knows all the right things to say.  John has ski-raced Alpine extensively and now skate skiis in the winter. 

Words from John:

“QT2 is a unique approach to triathlon training and if you can make the full commitment you will improve.  Triathlon can be a lonely endeavor at times and it has been really fun for me to be part of a team and hear those magic words at so many races “Go QT2!”"

Russet Morrow

AG 40 - 44

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Gel

Favorite thing to watch on the trainer: Netflix

From Millis, MA,  Russet is making her 2nd trip the big Island and her 6th Ironman.  From Millis, MA.  Her cheer squad includes daughter Ramsey (7), son Ryan (9), stepson Jake (17) and stepdaughter Grace (!5).  She also has a dog named Ladybug and a persnickety cat named Sadie.  Grace says that Ironman is “pretty neat!”  Her husband, Jonathon, also trains for Ironman, but Russet reigns as the IM Champ in the family.  Jonathon, Ramsey, Ryan, and Grace will also be making the trip to Kona to watch their champion cross the finish line. 

In addition to triathlon, Russet works as the United Way in Boston as the Public Policy Director.  She loves her job as she and the United way are positively impacting the lives of kids and their families all over.  Thanks Russet!

Joey Dussich

AG 35 - 39

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Vanilla (burps up the least)

Favorite thing to watch on the trainer this year: The entire Scandal series (he’s not ashamed)

From the big apple. Joey heads to the big island for the first time this year.  He has done 6 IMs to date and his wife, Vicky, has done 2.  Son Joey (3.5) and daughter Sami (1.5) notice that dad is on the bike trainer a lot (apparently watching Scandal) and goes for runs afterwards.  Although Joey pretty much lives and breathes triathlon, he is also a diehard Jets and Rangers fan, and likes to ski, play golf, tennis, anything to be active outside.  Mostly, he likes to spend time with his kids.  I'm also a diehard Jets and Rangers fan.
Super-proud to have KQ’d, Joey and Vicky will head to Kona together. 

Words from Joey:

“Anything is possible if you work hard for it!  I've chased the dream of Kona for a long time.  I never gave up.  That’s' the most important thing I can say…don't give up! Have faith in yourself.”

Bill Wiseman

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Peanut Butter
Favorite thing to watch on the bike Trainer: tie between The Money Pit and My Cousin Vinny

This is will be Bill’s 2nd trip to Kona and 10th Ironman.  Bill lives on their farm in Blythewood, SC, Bill’s 4 kids (Ashley,31, Davis, 29, Dubby, 21and Peyton 19) thinks dad is nuts, but also pretty cool in regards to triathlon.  Bill also has one granddaughter Sophie (7).  Bill’s wife, Minge, is the rock of the household and rehabs thoroughbred horses who can’t compete anymore into hunters/jumpers and cross county horses.   Minge is grateful that Ironman keeps Bill out of trouble!  6 years ago, Bill sold his business that he started and grew for 25 years.  Faced with trying to figure out what to do with life, Bill figured the answer was Ironman!  

Words from Bill:

“Turn the pain off at 20 miles into the run, cause you chose to do this!  Also, you can get faster as you get older….first IM Florida 11:52 in 2005.  2013 Ironman Florda, 9:48. (Thanks to QT2, of course!)   

Kim Fabian

AG 40-44

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Peanut Butter
Favorite thing to watch on the Bike Trainer: Sherlock Holmes series

This is Kim’s 3rd IM and 2nd time at Kona. Kona is going to be a big family reunion for Kim with her husband, two daugters, Mom, Dad, Sister, her husband and their 4 kids!  Husband and two daughters aged 11 and 13.   Kim hasn’t seen her brother for 3 years!  From Ontario, Canada, Kim works hard to imspire kids to get active.  She organizes the largest kids triathlon in Canada with all proceeds going to the Jumpstart charity which helps underprivileged children access to sports.  Kim has found this adventure to be more rewarding for me than crossing the finish line in Hawaii! 

Words from Kim:

Do not let your location/environment (living in northern states or Canada) stop you from thinking you can do well at races in the hot south.  Following the QT2 systems protocol will ensure that you are prepared to do your best.”

Rudy Quinn

AG 25 - 29

Favorite Power Bar Flavor: Toss-up between Cookie Dough, Vanilla, & Oatmeal Raisin

Favorite movie on the trainer this year: Lone Survivor – really put the pain of that “long” ride into perspective.

Rudy is going to Kona after qualifying this year at his FIRST ironman in Lake Placid.  From Crestwood, NY Rudy is a triplet!  He is one of 5 Quinn brothers with oldest brother Steve on the QT2 Elite team.  Steve was in Kona last year.  Both Steve and Rudy raced in Lake Placid with an entourage of friends and family.  Of the 15 people who watched at LP, 11 of them will be accompanying Rudy to go Kona!  Growing up, Rudy played almost every sport and he still plays basketball and softball.  He also enjoys yard work and the sense of accomplishment and pride when he looks at the finished product. 

Words from Steve Prefontaine per Rudy:

 “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.” “The best pace is a suicide pace, and today is a good day to die.”

Bruce Cook

AG 60 – 64

Favorite PowerBar Flavor: Milk Chocolate Brownie
Favorite thing on the trainer:  All seasons of Breaking Bad and Chariots of Fire were in the top 5.

Bruce is from Greenwich, CT and this will be his 2nd Kona.  Bruce has done 8 IM’s to date and after joining QT2 in 2011, Bruce went on to celebrate his first AG win at IMCdA in 2012.  He has two daughters, Amanda and Caroline and his wife says Ironman “beats the other mid-life crisis options.”!  A managing director of an international bank by day, triathlete, photographer and oil painter by night, Bruce and his daughters  will be heading out to the big Island together.

Words from Bruce:

“I am a classic example of how QT2 can take mediocre athletic talent and create a reasonably competitive and confident age grouper.  

Patty Carrel

AG 40-44

Favorite Power Bar Flavor: The defunct Malt Nut.

Favorite movie on the trainer: Probably Hot Tub Time Machine or Game of Thrones

This is Patty’s first trip to the big Island and will be her 6th Ironman.  From Winnetka, IL Patty’s family now has a dog, Honey, because she had promised her daughters, Ava (9), Lucy (6) and Violet (4) a puppy is she ever KQ’d.  The puppy was a big surprise to her biggest supporter, husband Dave, who had no knowledge of this arrangement.  Patty’s biggest athletic accomplishment is coming in 2nd place in the Sudbury 5 miler while pushing two of her daughters in a stroller…she was a QT2 athlete at this time.    Patty will be in Kona with Dave, all her daughters, brother Kendall and wife Irene, Sister in Law Jenny and nephew Caden.   Patty’s daughter Violet will be celebrating her 5th birthday in Kona …luau style!

Words from Patty:

“Life is a balancing act and time is the most precious commodity. You have to do your best to prioritize what is important to you and let the less important slide.    It’s not easy for the type-A in me to let the laundry pile up or not have a home-baked snack for the kids so I can get a bike ride in.  But I continuously have to learn, that while it might be impossible to have it all, you can have what is important.”

Ted Cochrane

AG 40 – 44

Favorite Power Bar Flavor: Double Latte

Ted is making his first trip to Kona after 6 Ironmans.  From Calgary, Alberta, Ted also loves Hockey (natch) and Golf.  He is a graduate of Univeristy of Montana and currently works at Galleon Energy.  Ted has a big crew going to support him in Kona, his Girlfriend Andrea Kladar, two brothers and their families, his parents and more!  Dr. Drizz and Biggie Smalls, Andrea and Ted’s adopted dogs will be staying home and tracking ted from the couch. 

Words from Ted:

“It’s about the journey, not the destination”

Jennifer Ward

AG 45-49

John Barrett

AG 55 - 59

John is a veteran Ironman with 10+ IMs under his belt.  Flexing his muscles from Orlando, Florida, John was one of Tim Snow’s first athletes and continues to be coached by Tim to this day.  John is a co-founder of Med Advantage, a leading provider of medical credential services.  John enjoys bad tacos after hard races and he will be crushing the Kona course for the first time this year. 


Rodney Scott

AG 40 - 44

Coach Rodney is from Raleigh, NC and lives and breathes triathlon.  Successful in business but overweight, Rodney was inspired by friends to get in shape and follow the ironman dream.  Rodney started running in October 2009 with a 7.5mi week, needing to walk half of that, and then steadily increased my mileage a few miles a week over the following 7 months, losing 60lbs in the process.  Rodney will be racing Kona for the second time and with peak fitness and lots of ambition. 

Jackie Hurst

From Redland, CA, Jackie did her first triathlon at age 40 and has been chasing the Kona dream since.  A fiercely dedicated mom and super-competitive athlete Jackie exudes dedication and energy.  Go Jackie!


Joe Redmond

AG 30-34

Joe’s last ironman in lake placid was for the Multiple Myleoma Research Foundation raising over $5000 for the cause in his 4th Ironman and a KQ.  Joe is from Rockaway Park, MD.

Joscelin Grizzetti

AG  40-44

Joscelin is from Morristown, NJ and is a full-time physical therapist and a mother of two.  She qualified for Kona this year in Lake Placid with a 10:39!  Way to go Joscelin!

Alexandre Albuquerque

AG 40 -44

From Quebec City, Alexandre qualified for Kona in Ironman Lake Placid with a smoking time of 10:08. 

* Qualified for World Championships but not coming to Kona:

Professional - Jessie Donavan

Age Group Athletes - Mary Duprey, Kendra Goffredo, Andy Lipscomb, Julian Underwood