QT2 Qualifies 32 Athletes For 2014 Ironman World Championship

September 09, 2014

QT2 Systems is very excited to announce that it has, again, qualified more than 30 athletes, for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, HI on October 11, 2014.  Having qualified 32 athletes, throughout the 2014 qualifying season, a large contingent of QT2ers will be making the trip to the Big Island, and racing.  This represents the second year, in a row, that the coaching organization’s team of professional, elite, and age group athletes, from all over the world, has sent at least 30 athletes to the world championship event.  

With such a large group of athletes, QT2 hopes to continue to increase recognition for its brand and those of its partners; Quintana Roo, Pearl Izumi, Normatec MVP, Powerbar, Fuelbelt, Fast:Splits Multisport, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, Nuun, Shimano, Reboot, Biotta Juices, Wells Fargo Advisors, SaltStick, SRM, WoodwayUSA, ChrisJohnsonPT, PerfectFuelChocolate, Dr.SearsZone, and Salmon Health & Retirement.  “We are, once again, thrilled to have such a great representation of our group, here, on the Big Island.  Their hard-work, sacrifice, and commitment, day in, and day out, shows the effectiveness of these measures, above and beyond simple raw talent.  They make us, and each of our partners, proud", said QT2 Head Coach & Founder, Jesse Kropelnicki.

QT2 Systems has also announced its criteria for acceptance to its 2015 Team, for all levels including, its PRO Elite, Age Group Elite, and Advanced teams. Athletes of all levels who are interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity should visit the QT2 Systems team information page, HERE.

QT2 Systems 2014 Ironman World Championships Qualifiers:

(Athlete – Age Group, Qualifying Race)
Justin Arnosky - M2529, Ironman Texas
John Barrett - M5559, Ironman Legacy Program
Patty Carrell - F4044, Ironman Wisconsin
Ted Cochrane - M4044, Ironman Cozumel
Bruce Cook - M6064, Ironman Arizona
Linsey Corbin - PRO, KPR
Tim Clarke - M3034, Ironman Lake Placid
Jessie Donavan - PRO, KPR
Mary DuPrey* - F5559, Ironman Lake Placid
Joey Dussich - M3539, Ironman Lake Placid
Kim Fabian - F4044, Ironman 70.3 St. Croix
Kendra Goffredo* - F2529, Ironman Texas & Ironman Lake Placid
Jocelyn Grizzetti - F4044, Ironman Lake Placid
Tripp Hipple - M2539, Ironman Texas
Jackie Hurst* - F5559, Ironman Texas
Andy Lipscomb* - M4044, Ironman Texas
Jesse Marquardt - M4044, Ironman Lake Placid
Russet Morrow - F4044, Ironman Lake Placid
Brigitte Paulick - F3539, Ironman Germany
Rudy Quinn - M2529, Ironman Lake Placid
Joe Redmond - M3539, Ironman Lake Placid
Kim Schwabenbauer - PRO, KPR
Rodney Scott - M4044, Ironman 70.3 St. Croix & Ironman Lake Placid
Beth Shutt - PRO, KPR
Caitlin Snow – PRO, KPR
Julian Underwood* - M4044, Ironman Mont-Tremblant
Jennifer Ward - F4549, Ironman Los Cabos
John Wilson - M5559, Ironman Mont-Tremblant
Bill Wiseman - M5054, Ironman Florida

*Indicates that the athlete declined a spot.